Sunday Night Dinner – Leftover Addition

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Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve actually had a Sunday Night Dinner between Father’s Day and the Lake.  After the 4th of July party last Saturday, we had left overs so we thought that Left Overs would be a great menu!

Smoked Beans

Smoked Cabbage

Smoked Brisket

The hotdogs were grilled Sunday, but they were bought originally for the 4th party.

Ah, the toppings for a hotdog.  Yum!

AL friendly pasta salad!

And the Pasta Salad Mamaw sent for the party.  It was so good and Earl said that it was made from a mix.

This is AL friendly Chicken Salad.

Yum, Chips!  BBQ even!  Goes great with all the smoked stuff!

And some grilled Chicken.  Bad picture.  Great flavor!

Left over Chocolate cake.  Just as good the second day!

And then it was pool time.  What am I wearing?  I’m glad you ask, it’s a 3Mil wet suit.  Our pool was 73 degrees, that’s cold in water, so I put on my scuba diving wet suit and had fun swimming.

Hubby and JT gave the kids glow sticks to dive to the bottom after.

And that was our low key Sunday Night Dinner.

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