We can haul a gooseneck

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When hubby bought his truck, it’s a 3/4 ton Ford without gooseneck trailer hauling abilities. That seemed extremely crazy to me. Normally a bigger truck has the set up to haul a gooseneck trailer and when most of your trailers are gooseneck’s… you kind of need that ability. We did our research and we were able to purchase a B&W Turnover ball to place in the bed, all we had to do was drive out to Humboldt Kansas to the factory to have it put in.

Sadly it was on a day that hubby had to work, so dad and I took the truck over for him. We had to leave at the crack of dawn in the morning to get there by 9am too. Abug slept in the truck on the way there. We tried to stop and get her breakfast a couple times but she snoozed the whole trip so when we got there, she was hungry and thirsty. I made use of their vending machines and gave her the “breakfast of champions,” A&W Rootbeer and M&M’s. She also had a bag of chips. Don’t worry, I fed her a much better lunch!

Hubby and Jared both wanted to go and see the plant. Dad and I have actually been out here twice. In fact, about 13 years ago dad and I made that trek to go get the turnover ball put in his truck, but his truck was new so it wasn’t weird to me it didn’t have the gooseneck capabilities in it. They wanted me to send them pictures so this was the first picture I sent them. They weren’t amused.

The next picture I sent them was the table. Again, not amused…. What did they want from me? I didn’t get to leave the waiting room. And speaking of waiting rooms, Abug kept asking why we were at the doctor’s office.

So I walked over to the display in their waiting room, their showroom of sorts and sent them all these pictures…..

They were a little more impressed with those pictures, but I’m still not sure this is what they wanted.

So after the ball was placed in, then I sent them this picture. Come on, that’s got to be a little better, right?

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