The Saturday Post {4}

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Top 5 Posts of the Week

Festive 4th of July Toes – I see this post going down after this week until next year 🙂  I really should redo my pictures because my feet look horrid!  Darn, mean ol shoes!

4th of July Partaey – Yes I know I spelled Party wrong, I spelled it like I wanted it pronounced 🙂

Hotel Grand Victorian – Branson, MO

4th of July & Krispy Kreme – Branson, MO – Don’t worry, more posts coming!!

Gardening with the Fishies

Recipes made from the blog this week

Hubby’s Smoked Beans

Hubby’s Smoked Cabbage

Pineapple Cherry Ice cream

Instagram Lately


Weeks Happenings

++Threw our Annual 4th of July Party
++Attended Scuba Pool Classes
++Attended our 1st Dive Club Meeting
++Moved the Pool Filter
++Attended S&C’s Annual 4th of July Party
++Took hubby to the ER about his shoulder
++Took Hubby to the Dr about his shoulder
++Shoulder turns out to be a pulled tendon with tendonitis

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