4th of July & Krispy Kreme – Branson, MO

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Happy 4th of July everyone!  On this day in 1776 our country became a free nation and to this day we thank and honor those who have served and who are currently serving to keep our country a free nation.  Happy Birthday USA!

And what’s more American than a Doughnut which has it’s origins in the US back in the 19th Century.

While we were in Branson last week, the Hotel Grand Victorian had a continental breakfast, however next door was Denney’s and next to that was a Krispy Kreme.  We gave Tbug her option of what she’d like for breakfast and she chose Krispy Kreme so we checked out and headed next door to grab breakfast.

I so wish I could have gotten the signs on the windows to show up because they take you through every process of the Krispy Kreme doughnut and it’s a lot of fun to sit there and watch the doughnuts being made as well as knowing what is happening.  Especially with the huge line we had to stand through.

The best part of Krispy Kreme is they have fresh hot doughnuts that are made so when you order, as long as you get the original they are fresh and hot!  That is as long as the light is on outside that is 🙂

But they also wet your appetite for doughnuts with freebies while you wait in line!  Heck yeah!

On top of this, we got a half dozen so that we could all have 2 doughnuts a piece.  I went for a Maple Glazed and an original, hubs and Tbug went for the original.  YUM!  If you’ve never had, I suggest trying!

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