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Oh goodness, what haven’t I told you the many many times it feels like I’ve shared facts about myself…

How about instead of listing facts about myself, I list posts containing facts about me…

  1. A letter to my Younger Self via October 2014
  2. My Pet Peeves via October 2014
  3. Things that make me happy via October 2014
  4. Secrets via October 2014
  5. A letter to 41 Year old me via October 2014
  6. 45/99 Things I’ve done via October 2014
  7. How about the reason I don’t push Carts via August 2014
  8. 31 things about me via July 2014
  9. We can do a him vs me set of facts too via February 2014
  10. How about the School Edition of me… Via October 2013
  11. Want to see a list of firsts that comes to mind via January 2013
  12. btw, I’m That Girl via August 2011
  13. I’ve described myself via numbers via March 2011
  14. Does handwriting tell you something about a person via February 2011
  15. Who Am I via February 2011
  16. If you really knew me, you’d know via August 2010
  17. There’s a list of 15 things that make me happy via July 2010
  18. There’s also a letter to 20 year old me via July 2010
  19. A Sampling of myself around 20 years old via May 2010
  20. 100 things about me on my 100th post via April 2010

That is probably way more information about myself than you ever wanted to know and I know you aren’t going to read all those posts… although read the end of if you really knew me… You’ll get a really good laugh!

So since you probably won’t read all those posts who am I in a nutshell?…

  • I’m Nicole
  • I speak Nicole (meaning I get things mixed up and in the wrong order sometimes like I might have been born last night but it wasn’t at night or I’m going to put my pony up in a hairtale)
  • I prefer cowboy boots over any other shoes.
  • I don’t like diet any kind of pop
  • and I call it pop
  • I do have the hitch hiker thumb (where it’s “double jointed”)
  • The right hand is worse than the left hand though.
  • My eyes are breen or grown as my husband says… some days they are more brown, some days they are more green.
  • I’ve had people say that so and so are jealous of me and I can’t ever figure out why anyone would be jealous of me, ever. I’m just me.
  • I like big trucks
  • I want to learn to drive a semi truck just to say I can
  • I want to take flying lessons just to say I did
  • I do like to dress up even though my go to outfit is boots and jeans.

And that pretty well sums me up. Oh and I could hitch hike with my toe….

Helene in Between

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