The Christmas Book

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It’s no lie that Christmas is my favorite time of the year followed extremely closely with Thanksgiving so you just give me the Thanksgiving through New Years scene and I’m happy. I’ve been blogging since October 2009. My husband and I started dating in July of that year. So this blog has basically followed our whole dating and married life which is kinda fun and cool and exciting… With that being said, I have a lot of Christmas posts that revolve around our Christmases together so I started collecting them off into a word document. I changed a few things, but basically just placed the post off into the word document and moved on. My goal was to make it into a hard bound book. Either that or do what I do with my Thanksgiving posts and print them off and place them in a 3-ring binder. I guess I’m weird….

Well I finally had 7 years. Why 7 you ask? Well 5 years would have had me printing the book after 2013 and that number really doesn’t jive well with me. I like even numbers or multiples of 5 or something like that. So 7 years it was… although as you may point out 7 is an odd number.

It includes all the Christmas posts I’ve written, our trips to Ft. Worth, any recipes we’ve eaten in the respective year, etc. It’s Christmas. 7 years, this book was 259 pages long, as you can tell from my back cover. Why does my back cover have a number on it? Well I made a small mistake and my last page wound up on the back cover. Oh well I love it. And if you want to know the truth… my 1st number wound up on the cover. Whatever….

If you’re interested to know where I ordered my book through? Well I used Back at my old job, when my old boss got married she informed me about Then a blog friend also told me about it, so when I finally decided to go ahead and print my book, I decided to give them a shot. I had one small issue with my book, but I contacted their customer service and it was reprinted and overnighted to me. I didn’t expect overnight. I just wanted the issue fixed. What can I say… I swear I’m the problem child everywhere I go. ugh! Anyway, I must say I’m pleasantly pleased with them and in 5 years, they better still be printing books because I’ll have my next book ready for printing! Until then… I might go ahead and print that baby book I’ve been working on as well!

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