Project – New Beginnings

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It’s 2010…. that alone is a new beginning! So Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year. I did. I got to spend it with my sweetheart (yes I got midnight kiss!!) and his little girl and then his sister, brother in law and nephew (who fell asleep around 10 bless his heart!) Tbug has had her birthday for the year. She was born on 1-2-3. I feel bad for her, getting Christmas and her birthday all within a week of each other. Next time they should plan it out a little better, oh wait next time… yeah that kid better not have the exact same parents or else we’ll have some problems. (I love you honey, it was a joke b/c I know better). So on with the picture unveiling.

Nicole: Tbug got her first camera. We got her a Kodak for her Birthday. This is the new beginning to a lot more photos… LOL

Prince Charming: This is the first picture of us in our first full year together

Next weeks project: Snow

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