Project 52: Fantasy

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I would love to be here right about now, Greece
Taken by a friend’s cousin

This would work for me too, Hawaii
Parent’s trip to Hawaii in 2007

Or here would even work, Maine
Taken by my cousin and her husband.  They live in Maine.
Being in the pool would work, at my parents house.
Summer 2002, used self timer and dove in the pool real fast

Driving down a dirt road during sunset, Missouri
Taken one summer around 2004ish… I don’t remember, just a beautiful sunset on a dirt road

Or maybe a sunset in Hawaii??
Courtesy of my parents trip in 2009.

Baling hay even sounds like fun, Missouri
Taken last fall at our house, second cutting

Ok here’s my true photo for Fantasy.  This is at the hayfield we were at a few weeks ago.  I’ve always wanted Silo’s.

I know I don’t usually give descriptions but since I tried so many photos… I thought maybe I should 🙂

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  1. I would settle for a nap. hahaha. A nap in a nice hotel with a view of the ocean. The room of course quiet. Because there wouldn't be kids in it. LOL.

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