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So it seems like every time I get on any kind of social media, including the tv, people have been talking about rain and flooding these last few weeks and even months.

Last month (May 30) we went driving around looking at the flooding that was going on around at home. Now I live 6 miles outside of town if you use the state hwy to get there. But there are back roads that a lot of people in my neck of the woods use to get to the south end of town or we use to get to my parents house. When we start having flooding though, those routes are off limits. The major river that runs through our area runs through our back roads. But a lot of times what gets us is flat agriculture lands that get flooded.

This is actually ag land over on another state highway. There again some of it could be due to the river, but some could be due to over flow on flat lands. This guys corn field was flooded. And it covers the roadway.

I would not suggest doing what this guy did. As you can see the water levels were about 2.5 feet deep. Now it wasn’t flowing water so he went ahead through, that and he was in a truck but I still wouldn’t recommend it. Never know if the road is washed out.

When he saw us, we were in my car and he suggested we didn’t try it. We weren’t even planning on it, we were just out gawking and taking pictures of the flooding. This gal though… She went through it in that car. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. The water was up over her hood at one point.

Even if your roads aren’t washed out, look at all the junk the flooding left on the roadway. Who knows what you’d be driving over.

We accidentally wound up on a dead end and look what we found. How pretty is this barn?

This is the bridge we take a lot of photos on. They actually removed the bars so you could cross the river here. The bridge is in such bad condition though I’m not sure you’d want to….

And all this flooding brought up this snapper.

But this… this is the reason you don’t drive across flooded roadways. The trees took out this road. There was nothing left of it.

I’m not sure if they have gotten it fixed yet or not. I need to drive back down there and see… After this, we took off to go eat dinner with my parents and see my dad’s newest purchase.

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