She Said Yes – Repost

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One year ago, February 12, the man of my dreams proposed to me.  Here’s the story.  Happy One Year Bling-a-versary baby!!!

This had started out as a pretty crappy day, I surely didn’t know that it would eventually get better! I started doing the mail and got a phone call from Nancy at the front office that I had flowers at the front desk so I headed to the front of the building to go retrieve my flowers. (I work all the way at the back.) I passed Becky grumbling that “Prince Charming’s so in trouble.” although seriously what girl doesn’t like flowers, especially when they look like this!!



Meanwhile back at my desk my mom brought Prince Charming into the building. Tracy got her camera out and Nicole got another camera that had a recorder out. Becky was standing guard in the hallway to announce to them when I got back. Then they all dove into different hiding places.

So when I came back Becky announces really loud that I had beautiful flowers. My desk has frosted glass around it and when I walked around the corner and I could see someone on the far side of my desk but I figured it was a coworker had dropped something or since I was having such a bad day, they were going to jump out and scare me (things like that happen to me from time to time) so I didn’t really think to much of it. So I came up on my mystery guest and Prince Charming is down on one knee.



I just stared at him and he asked me “The Question” and I was rendered speechless. (yes I know, this doesn’t hardly happen at all!)

I just stared at him and it dawned on me, SPEAK Nicole :)… so of course I said yes. He said he had to pry my death grip off the rose container to set them down on my desk for me; He said he thought I’d drop the flowers and he was prepared to catch them… LOL

Then he turned around and I tackled him in a bear hug.



Of course a girl has to try on the ring 🙂

Prince Charming says this is his favorite photo.

I’m officially ENGAGED!!!! I love my Prince Charming!!!


0 thoughts on “She Said Yes – Repost

  1. Such a wonderful story! How neat of him to plan it all out like that and get your coworkers involved 🙂

    PS–not nearly as important, but I'm a little jealous that you get to wear jeans in the office LOL.

  2. Aww…you guys are so sweet! Happy proposal anniversary ;D What a lovely, romantic story in time for Valentine's Day <3 Have a great one, the first as a married couple!

  3. I know we've heard it before, but I really like this story. And Wow, I never realized how fast you planned your wedding!! Good for you!

    P.S. – our engage-aversary is on Thursday. 🙂

  4. My hubs did not plan anything for his proposal. It was kind of a spur of the moment kind of thing. But I wanted the works! You lucky girl! That is sooo sweet. Thanks for the repost.

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