Steal Your Dollar City – SND Style

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Can you believe that the school year is almost over?  Crazy!  Well, Zebra Girl is graduating from the 5th grade (grade school) to middle school next Tuesday night.  Even more crazy!  Their school has been doing a bunch of things for them though, including a graduation and even a class trip.  Their class trip just so happened to be this last weekend.  AL said that their class was going to Silver Dollar City and that she and JT were going to be chaperones.  If the rest of us wanted to meet up and drive down, we could all hang out at the park with them.  Zebra Girl really wanted Tbug to come and as I shared earlier this week, it just so happened to be a Tbug weekend.  Yey!

Our plans were to meet up at Earl’s house at 7:45 Saturday morning.  Hubby and I set our alarms to get up around 6:35 so we could eat breakfast and get to Earl’s a bit early so that Earl would have time to fix Tbug’s hair.

While Earl was fixing the girl’s hair and we were waiting on everyone to show up, TB was playing with a balloon.  B2.0 walked outside and just as she came back in the house TB’s balloon blew up.  You couldn’t have asked for more perfect timing and we all jumped.  Pokey was still asleep, I’m not sure how he slept through that loud boom.

Once everyone got there we all piled in to 2 cars and we were off.

Here I am in the morning and here I am at the end of the day.  By the way I burn the top of my head right behind my bang line.  Ouch!  I sprayed Moo & Tbug’s head with sunscreen, never thought about mine… of course I didn’t put mine up until we got into the park, but yes, I did take the sunscreen in with me and took care of them.  Oh well

The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect down there on Saturday.  We all left wearing light jackets or sweatshirts but before we even entered the park we stripped them off.  It was just absolutely perfect.  Now doing the Lost River was a bit cold getting splashed with water though!

I felt bad for Earl’s parents because they wore jeans and after we got off the Lost River, we were all wet which was a little chilly in the shade.  But they survived.

At one point we were all standing around trying to decide what to do next.  Perfect photo opportunity.

Finally it was time for lunch.  All of Zebra Girl’s class got meal tickets.  I’m not sure if they had to eat at a certain place, or how that really worked but we all decided to eat at the “Lumbermill” (or whatever it’s called).  One of the really cool things is there is this HUGE chair.  I actually got TB to pose for a photo.  How cool am I?!?!  One serious photo and one funny photo.  Poor Moo got covered up by the silly photo… lol.

Now Monkey is just 2 1/2 so there aren’t a whole lot of rides she can actually ride there.  She was such a sweetheart and so patient with all of us.  One request she made was to ride the train (oh and to get cream cream, aka Ice cream).  She had the absolute best ideas!  Since she was so patient waiting on us to ride our rides, we went to ride the train with her.  So much fun!

Monkey & Moo waiting patiently for the train.  The train leaves every 20 minutes and we just missed the previous train.

Monkey absolutely LOVED her train ride.  So much she wanted to go again, but we decided to go to Kiddy Land and see if there were any rides she could ride there instead.

But don’t worry, we got our ice cream on the way to kiddy land! 🙂  The ice cream was soooo worth it too!

Monkey has never ridden rides so we all weren’t quite sure how she would react.  Her very first ride was the flying elephants.  I asked Earl if she’d freak out and she said she might.  I joked and asked if we needed to video it instead of just pictures so we could win America’s Funniest Home Video’s.  We all laughed.  But Monkey absolutely LOVED the flying elephants.  No freak out here.  So her momma took her to ride all the other rides there were in kiddy land she could ride.

Moo even enjoyed the elephants with Mamaw and the jumping frogs and the lady bugs and I lost track of all the rides they rode.

After we left Kiddy Land we met back up with AL, JT, Waldy, TB, Zebra Girl and Tbug at the Barn swings.  Earl, B2.0, hubby and I headed off to the Barn Swings real quick.  When we got back we shared a yummy Funnel Cake.  They had a Red Velvet Funnel Cake and an Oreo Cookie Funnel Cake that caught all of our attention, but we stuck with the tried and true.

While we all stood around eating our funnel cake, Monkey decided she needed a nap.  Even Sock Monkey was worn out.

At the end of the evening we were all worn out and it was time to leave the park and scout out something to chow down on.  We all agreed upon IHOP.

And when we left it was 10:26 and 53 degrees outside.  Such a perfect way to end such a perfect day.  Other than you know the 1 1/2 hour drive home.  I yacked hubby’s ear off to help us both stay awake. 🙂

And since it was Mother’s Day weekend and 15 of us went to Silver Dollar City, this was considered our Sunday Night Dinner  or in this case Saturday night dinner.

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  1. Sounds like such a fun day! I have never heard of Silver City, looks like they have a lot of fun things.

  2. Oh how fun, I bet the kids had a blast! I would have so gotten the oreo funnel cake though. That sounds delicious!

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