The Living Room Update: Ceiling Reinforcement

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So hubby and I went over to Pokey & Earl’s tonight.  Earl asked if we wanted dinner and Pokey needed help in the garage turned Living Room so off we went.  Hubby and Pokey sat there and debated on what needed to be done to reinforce the ceiling or something like that.

Sadly, I’m not really sure I was paying a whole lot of attention.  I kind of was wandering around.

As you can tell by this picture.  The puppies were way more fun to hang out with.  They didn’t put me to work 🙂  Now a couple nights before Mean M was decorating cakes and needed help.  Well then they went to cupcakes and needless to say there was a cake left over.

While I was wandering around Earl gave me a flower.  She really wanted me to decorate this cake that was left over for her 🙂

I thought, yeah I can do that :).  So I went in the house and while washing my hands, noticed that Cara Jo was in the window.  I really think at times she wants out but when she gets out she acts scared to death.

So I went inside while the boys were outside working on the garage/living room.  Earl bounced around between me and them.  I decorated this cake for TB’s teachers since we were approaching the end of school.

I can’t say this was my best work, but I was proud of it anyway 🙂

As I went back outside, there was Cara Jo.  She likes laying on their clothes.  I guess because it smells like them?

And then it was over.  What can I say, I’m real helpful sometimes.  Hey, at least I decorated a cake, right?

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