Thanksgiving Part 1

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Never do we have the same year twice when it comes to holidays, even when we try to pick the same menu… This year proved no different. We weren’t able to go to Oklahoma to be with my aunt and uncle this year so we stayed home and planned Thanksgiving here.

Hubby wanted to go in to his dad’s house as well, so we planned our meal that evening and went in to his dad’s house for lunch.

When we got to his dads house, baby girl was asleep but she immediately woke up. Memaw swooped her up and took her around the house to talk to everyone. Liss lost count but said upward of 50 people were there. My FIL said he thought closer to 60. That means there were 60 people in his house… oy! 🙂

We definitely had to come in our Thanksgiving Best. We may not have totally cooperated for pictures of our best, but we definitely brought our A-game in the dress department. But just let it be known, we still don’t like shoes.

My FIL also made a delicious spread. I’m not sure who all helped him and I think everyone brought bits. We took corn casserole. My FIL even said he made 7 Pecan Pies. Yes, that’s 7.

Smoked Bacon Mac and cheese!

Our corn casserole. It was good, but it’s sooooo much better in the corn casserole pan.

Ham. btw, the ham gravy was excellent. Don’t worry, there was turkey too.

Real deep conversations being had here.

The tryptophan might have gotten to him… ya think?

Baby girl was having so much fun with her cousin Dill Pickle. She really liked his shirt.

And that was our first food comma of the day. It was soooo yummy, but then we had the fun of going home and doing it all over again!

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