Life Turns and Morel Mushroom Hunting

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This has been a day of emotional roller coaster rides.  But on the plus side, the positive side, the side that matters, my mother-in-law and my husband have been there for me in a time I really needed someone.  Then my dad met hubby and I for lunch and gave me more soothing words.  Things have just taken a very hard right in my life.  Things have really just thrown me.  And I know I’m being extremely vague, but at the same time, it’s still to raw to totally go into detail.  In the meantime, let me show you our adventures we took today.

This morning we decided to go Morel Mushroom hunting.  Out in this pasture, to the North side we’ve always had luck.  we parked at my grandma’s house and took off on the hunt.

My dad’s always told me that when the May Flowers are out, that’s when the mushrooms are out.

We had luck finding turkey feathers…

And all kinds of other wild berry bushes.

Hubby took off down this large gully trying to find Morels.

But we had no luck.  So we went back to my parents house where we met my mother-in-law and turned the horses out for the day.

Then my dad called and invited us to lunch.  Asked how Morel Mushroom hunting went and we told him no luck.  He told us to go to the Peony field and see if we could find anything there.  What did we find?  A big, old well for a house that no longer exists…  And it’s supposed to be covered up.

We found the old barn that has caved in on some old farm machinery.

We found more green and downed tree limbs.

And the Peony Field looks awesome… getting ready for hay season.

But no luck finding mushrooms.

So we came back to the house and hubby actually conned me into jumping on the 4-wheeler with him and go muddin.  I’d say we went muddin, what do you think?

We even had to strip off outside so we didn’t drag mud in through the house.

And that, would be my day.

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