One Year Ago… Part 30

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Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching. I was sad to learn that PC really didn’t care much about Valentine’s Day because in the past he’d never really had a reason to celebrate although in college those few single ones I spent I referred to it as S.A.D day, Single’s Awareness Day. But from talking to him about V-day he was excited about it this year, he just couldn’t remember the date. I couldn’t help but poke a little fun at him because it never changes, always February 14.

A few weeks prior to this we’d been at the DAV store donating some items and while we were there we walked around and found a Philco Refrigerator. One of the old style fridge’s. We really liked it but the price on it was steep, they wanted $300. We passed. Well his dad went back a couple times and checked on it for us. Finally the week of V-day went over and offered them $75 for it. They accepted our offer and we took the deal. On Thursday night, the 11th, he and I headed to town to pick up the fridge. On our way home I was yakking away about how this was our Valentine’s Day present to each other. He wasn’t allowed to get me flowers, etc, and eventually the topic of marriage came up again.

-I so want to ask you to marry me, but I’m scared to death to ask your dad. I’m afraid to answer that question.
-I know. It’s no big deal. When you have an answer to that question you’ll answer him and then we’ll go from there. I’m not worried.
-I know but I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to answer that question.
-I’m NOT worried about it. When the time’s right it’ll happen.
-I know but How am I going to support his little girl, that even scares me right now.
-Hey I can take care of myself. That’s not why I would marry you. If that was the reason then I’d find some rich suga daddy and I don’t want that. I want YOU!
-I know but still…
-Anyway I really like our Valentine’s Day present. It’s the most unique one I’ve seen anyone get 🙂 And remember, NO flowers!

Once we got to my parents house we conned my dad into helping unload the fridge and move it into their basement. And of course we had to take pictures 🙂

Friday started out a crappy day. I woke up and just wasn’t in the brightest mood and it didn’t get any better. I started out arguing with the hospital on the phone and then moved on to the bank. I was really upset because they bank wanted to charge me $27/hr to research a check that I wrote for $25. Eventually I found a lady at the bank who was willing to help me. By that time I was flat out in tears. My nerves were shot. I got off the phone with her and went back to my desk about the time the mail was delivered. I just got into opening the mail when I got a phone call from the front Desk.

-This is Nicole
-Nicole this is Nancy at the front desk. You have a beautiful display of roses down here waiting for you.
-Okay Thank you I’ll be right down.

I started to continue doing the mail when I thought, Nope, I want those flowers. I couldn’t help but grin even though I was thinking, boy he’s in trouble. I went walking around the corner down the hall and about plowed into Becky.
-Where ya headed?
-That boy is in so much trouble!
-Prince Charming.
-Oh? Why?
-He bought me flowers and he wasn’t supposed to!
-Heck I’d be happy.

I grinned and kept walking. Walked past Nicole & Tracy’s office who also grinned at me. They must have heard me yapping :).


I walked through the door to the front office and there they sat, 2 dozen long stemmed red roses. They were beautiful.-I was going to offer if you didn’t want them, I’d sure enjoy them all day for you.
-No I think I’ll take them. Kind of makes my day a little better.
-They sure are beautiful. Who are they from?
-My sweetheart.

Happy Valentine’s Day my beautiful
sweet sexy Angel!! I love you
with all my heart!!
As I proceeded to trek back to the back corner of the building I was grinning. Everyone I passed asked who the flowers were from and I’d grin. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and proceeded to call him. He didn’t answer. I wondered where he was, especially since he’d been talking to me through gtalk all morning. That was odd. I put my phone back in my pocket. As I rounded the corner to the last hallway before mine, I was about halfway down the hall and thought I’d stop and show Nicole & Tracy, neither of whom were in their office. Oh well I’ll show them later. Then Becky walked around the corner.-Oh. My. Gosh. Beautiful Flowers Nicole!
-Thanks 🙂

Well at least she saw them! Someone around here did. Who was I going to call first when I got back to my desk. I rounded the last corner and could see my desk. And that’s weird. Someone is down on the other side of my desk. (I have frosted glass in front of my desk) And it looks like someone just walked into James’ office. Oh geez, is someone going to jump out and try to scare me? Seriously? Well maybe one of them just dropped their papers and were picking them up. I walked around that last corner and there he was. Prince Charming? What the hell is he doing here? Wait, is he down on one knee? There is a box in his hand. OMG I think he’s talking, what in the heck is he saying. Ok Nicole keep it together, don’t drop the flowers. Don’t drop the flowers. Don’t drop the flowers! Don’t. Drop. The. Flowers! Then it dawned on me, oh crap I’m supposed to say something. I squeeked out a “Yes.” and Tracy giggled from behind me. Prince charming stood up and pried the flowers out of my death grip. I just stood there and looked dumbfounded. As he turned around to I think say something to me I just tackled him in a bear hug. He must have had sure footing because he kept us both on our feet.

I couldn’t help myself. I had so many emotions running through me, first the upsetting morning, then the beautiful flowers and now I was engaged to the love of my life. I started bawling into his shoulder. The harder I cried the harder I squeezed him. Finally I regained my composure and let go of my squeeze on him.

-Do you want to try on the ring?
-Absolutely! By the way you are in trouble.
-Hey I bought those weeks ago. Last night when you were rambling on I couldn’t tell you.
-But I thought you hadn’t asked my dad yet. You were afraid to ask him.
-Well do you think I was going to tell you I had? You wanted this to be a surprise. By the way, did you know it is National Safety Pup Day? Do you think you can share your day with that holiday?
-Oh and I asked your dad back in January.
-You Did? When?
-That day you and mom went to town and you talked to me most of the time. I took him to eat at Red Hot & Blue.

I bear hugged him again and broke down in tears again. About that time he let go and told me to turn around. There was my mom. I ran over to her and gave her a big hug.

-Your ole mom has a few tricks up her sleeve still doesn’t she? Let me see that sucker! Now that’s a damn rock.

That remark cracked me up… of course she’d seen the ring, it was my grandmother’s. Anyway… It turns out he had this all rigged up. Tracy took photos for us and Nicole had her camera on record so I got photos and a recording. Good thing because I have absolutely NO idea what he said to me.

….. To Be Continued……
Hey at least I didn’t leave you hanging on my answer 😉

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