Throwback Thursday – Senior Year of Highschool

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Good morning friends! Well, I’ve survived my first 2 night classes of the semester. I just hope I’ll make it through the rest of them. I don’t really care for night classes to be honest. Anyway I’ll quit complaining! So, I was at my parents house this weekend cleaning out my old bedroom and found a paper I wrote for my Senior Year Cadet Teaching Class. I got 100 on it. Since this is my first week back at school, I thought it would be fun to share it with you. So welcome back to Fall/Spring 2000/2001 which was my senior year of high school.

“Why I am taking Cadet Teaching”
For the past few years of school I have watched the teachers teach students. They come up with new ways to get a point across so that students learn to the fullest. It seems like teachers have a little bit of a different way to get a point across but they all have the same outcome. While I watch the different teaching techniques my mind always stores the cool ideas. Now that I am in my last year of high-school it is time to start planning my future. Now that it seems like my future is coming faster, teaching has always stuck in my mind. I have always wanted to take some of the ideas I have seen presented to me and present them to other students who are younger. When I found out I could have the chance to work with a teacher and see if teaching was really what I wanted to pursue I jumped at the chance. I have committed myself to students just as I once had an older person committed to me. What I really hope to get from this is the skills of working and communicating with younger students. When you work with younger students you have to think more about how to talk with them. It is different talking to different age groups. If I realize that teaching isn’t for me, at least I will have the know how of how to communicate which will make me an all-around better citizen. I hope to bring to the children the “want” in doing better in school and so they continue their education and not drop out. I have had older students and adults touch my life and I want to be one of those life touchers.

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