Project – Snow

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This week’s word was Snow. Boy did we have lots of photo ops for this!! I personally am sick of snow and I heard that February is supposed to be worse. Yuck! When you drive a Mustang, it doesn’t go so well with this type of weather. Note to self, next vehicle, get front-wheel drive or 4×4. So I’ve made 3 posts today so I will just get to business and reveal the photos 🙂
Nicole: I was driving down Co Rd 130 and thought this was beautiful. I wish the cows up on the ridgeline showed up better!

Prince Charming: His dad has been in the hospital since Wednesday night. This is his dad’s view from his room window. Wish you could see the ducks better with the snow around them.

Next week’s word: Tbug’s Camera (better explanation Tbug got a camera for her birthday. Prince Charming and I are to go through her photos and choose the one we like best. Then every couple of months we will do this to show her progress in taking photos.)

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