Great White Hunting Stories

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So if you live in Missouri, you’ll know this last Saturday was the opening day of deer season.  Now to some people that’s like a religious holiday.  Hubby was ready for his chance to head out and see what his chances were.

I caught him just as he dropped his camo bibs… lol.

I could tell you about his hunting experience, but It’s just sooooo much better that he tells since I wasn’t there.  The cat and I were enjoying the warmth of the house and a longer morning snooze.  Take it away hubby!

So the stand I usually hunt in has been moved so I was laying on the ground waiting for daylight. I saw something a ways off flick, it was kind of a tanish white color.  I didn’t really think anything of it. A few minutes later I saw it again and it looked closer. This time it was a little lighter and I looked through my scope to see what it was….. it was a skunk and it was coming straight at me. This skunk was about 10 feet away from a death sentence. But… what do I do… shoot him and ruin the rest of my hunting morning… stand up… if I stand up is he close enough to spray me??? I finally chose option 2. I stood about half way up and he took off the other direction… luckily he didn’t spray. So I watched him run out in to the middle of the field and as I was watching him here came three more skunks, running up to him like they were huddling. Then came another one… 5 skunks in all… what a morning…. No deer.

And there we have it… No deer at our house on the opening day of deer season… bummer. We could have had road kill stew I guess…..

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