Scary Thursday

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So in my old job, I swear every Thursday for 3 months someone got scared about something. Something was said that was wrong, or someone walked up and accidentally scared someone, something… So I always referred to it as Scary Thursday and halfway looked forward to Thursday’s just to see what would happen. That has since passed… Now they are just a reminder that it isn’t Friday.

1. It rained yesterday so last night was cool nice sleeping weather! Great since both air conditioner’s are out in my parents house.

2. We celebrated June birthday’s today and had a great cake! It was a chocolate cake with whipped icing and a strawberry filling and strawberries on top. YUM! and I’m not really crazy about Chocolate… I know I know that’s not normal!

3. I feel like typing lists for some reason so that’s what you get today 🙂

4. I got carried away with burned edges on photos the other day. 🙂

It’s Mini Me

A flower, hmmm go figure 🙂

One of our Buffalo… they still aren’t domesticated really, still termed wild so I hid behind the fence…

The ’86 Farm truck I learned to drive in. She’s seen better days! A guy at my dad’s work backed into it a few years ago 🙁

It’s Bear Dog 🙂

5. Hopefully I’ll get my fridge moved back into the kitchen tonight and out of the living room!

6. I only have to work half a day tomorrow. I’m taking off to watch my future [step]daughter because I have vacation and PC doesn’t.

7. By getting an afternoon off I’m going to the house and working and possibly throwing Tbug in the swimming pool… I dunno sounds like fun… LOL… ok ok fine, I’m going to let her play but I’ll be nice and let her jump in, but I may get my doors painted!

8. We are painting them bright red! It’s a super pretty color!

9. I think I could use a siesta!

10. I just ate a second piece of cake. I swear all the calories stayed on the plate!

11. That’s what I keep telling myself! I sure hope I still fit into my wedding dress come Sept!

12. I really need to work on a tan or something, I’m very white, I might blend into the white dress……

13. oh we got our kitchen floor finished. All tiled and grouted. It looks beautiful!

14. I have a headache… See I told you I need a siesta!

15. I’m not sure a siesta would help but hey it’s worth a shot!

16. Maybe some Advil too!

17. My friend Doti gets married this weekend! I think we are headed to her wedding. That’s the game plan anyway.

18. I don’t like making plans though because something always messes up plans….

19. At lunch they thought I said I was going to throw my mom in the swimming pool. We all got a good chuckle about that.

20. Ok 20 things on my mind… I guess it’s just another scatter brained day again. Truthfully I could go on and on… ok maybe not and on but you get the picture.

21. Speaking of pictures, can you tell I like them?

22. See I said I could keep going.

23. Ok I’m going to stop.

24. Now

25. I promise

Peace, Love, and Scatter brained days!



0 thoughts on “Scary Thursday

  1. LOVE the post… I learned a lot about you. 🙂

    I don't eat chocolate either (not because I don't like it, but can't). Guess we'll have to share non-chocolate recipes – did you notice that cake I blogged about wasn't chocolate?

    Are you raising bison to eat or sell or ???

    Now I can't wait to see your wedding dress.

    Nice floor…

    Have fun on your half-day off! 🙂 I'll think of you while I work (what am I talking about… it's 11:40pm and I'm still working!)

    I'm done now… 😉

  2. I show these horses called Cutting horses. (go to or youtube it… youtube has actual rides) and as with anything you have to practice at home. We use the buffalo for the training purposes. They last longer than cattle do. We started out with 3 males (Moe, Larry & Curly) then the next year bought 3 females (The Spice Girls), the males died (no one knows why and they did it at different times) and then this year we bought 2 more females (Laverne & Shirley)

  3. That buffalo looks like he is coming to take you out, LOL. Boy he looks mean!

    That cake, yummy! Chocolate is my favorite food group. I should have put that down on your long-lasting marriage post…my husband knows that if he wants to keep the wife happy then keep the fridge stocked with all of my fav chocolate goodies!

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