Sunday Night Dinner brought to you by Mexican Cuisine, Fire Arms and Bows & Arrows

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You just never know what Sunday Night Dinner is going to bring you to be honest!

Sunday afternoon late (but before SND time) hubby said he was headed out to shoot with JT and Pokey and whoever else happened to be shooting at the time.  I stayed at the house and worked on a blog post trying to get it up but oh no the internet was being retarded and I got annoyed so I headed on over too.

When I got there, the boys were still out playing with their toys.  (I use that word loosely because guns ARE DEFINITELY NOT toys, just so we’re clear.)  I wandered down to where they were and crawled up in the bed of the truck and watched for a bit.  They asked if I wanted to shoot, but I really wanted a nap so I sat on the tool box and got the bejeesus scared out of me every time one of them would fire something.  Note to self, don’t go down there if you’re tired.

Around 5:30 or so I shot (haha) Earl a text to see if they were ready for dinner or not.  She said a few were running late but yeah for the most part so the boys cleaned up and headed up to the house.  I left them to cleaning and went on up to see if A or Earl needed any help.

CH brought Guacamole (or as hubby calls it “guac and moldy”), Diver girl brought Chicken Rice & beans. We had sour cream, black olives, cheese and lettuce.  I recently cleaned out my cabinets and had a few cute pieces to get rid of so I brought them over to Earl.  She told me I needed to give her one more. ha!  Sadly there were no more so we had to get the cheese out of the original package.  Oh well.

The meat for the Tacos had potatoes in it.  This was all kind of new and different to the rest of us but A said she had a real Mexican teach her to make it this way.  Very interesting!!  Very good but at times I had to convince myself they weren’t beans.  lol.

A fried up the tortillas even.  I never got one, sadly.  By the time my plate was empty, I was full.

Hubby and I made Mexican Cheese Soup.  We doubled the batch so it wasn’t nearly as good in our opinion but everyone seemed to like it.  Sometimes I guess you just shouldn’t double things :).

It was such a nice day on Sunday that we all wound up going back outside.  Somehow Bows came up so out they came and practice commenced.

Recently TB bought himself a Crossbow so hubby had to try it out and of course TB did.

Pokey got Mean M’s bow out for A to shoot.  Yes, that is in fact a pink camo bow!  How sweet!

I started asking questions so then they asked if I’d ever shot a bow.  Well, no was my answer so I got a lesson.  I tried with Mean M’s but wound up going with Earl’s bow instead.  I think Pokey laughed at me a few times because of the noises I was making every time I’d pull the bow out 🙂

Left are A’s, right are mine.  Not bad for my first time, right?

Then Diver Girl started asking if she could shoot.  Said she’d always wanted to shoot so I tried to give her my bow (remember my=Earl’s in this instance) but they told me I had to shoot some more so A gave her Mean M’s.

Left is DiverGirl’s, right is mine.

Hubby and I got fits because we both wound up over at Pokey & Earl’s in the same shirt.  We have a few matching shirts and this was not planned, it just happened.  We really didn’t pay attention to each other getting dressed apparently.

And you may be wondering what we’re all doing.  TB and I both lost an arrow over in the neighbors field so we were searching for them.  Neither were found either. 

And no picture, but it isn’t a fun Sunday Night Dinner unless someone rips their pants right?  I caught my leg on the barbed wire fence and now have a cute hole in the leg of my pants.  Score 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Sunday Night Dinner brought to you by Mexican Cuisine, Fire Arms and Bows & Arrows

  1. Tacos, Mexican cheese soup, guns & bows… never a dull moment with you guys! haha!! 😉 (PS – the cheese soup pic is making me want to try that out someday!!!)

  2. Pulling back the bow is so dang hard! Some that I have tried, I am not even able to do it. I don't understand how the guys pull them back like it is no big deal! Mexican looks so yummy! I love Mexican!

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