A Day in the life – Mother's Day

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Friday Night when we picked Tbug up, she brought me these papers.  They brought tears to my eyes.

Mother’s Day morning I got the pleasure of having Tbug with us.  She woke me up with my present (which she didn’t have to get me… hubby! but I love you both!!)!!


And a wonderful text from my mommy.  Mom is currently in Germany (every other year she spends Mother’s Day in Germany) so we had her call us so we could wish her a happy Mother’s Day properly.

Tbug wanted to make me breakfast in bed but hubby was pretty sure that if I felt him get up, I’d stumble my way into the kitchen to see what they were doing.  (He’s right.)  We decided that we were going to my parents to ride horses and I was really craving Mocha Frappe so we decided to check out the newly remodeled McDonald’s in town.

We ate inside and just as we were about to leave hubby went to get my dad some breakfast too.  When he came back to the table he asked where Tbug was.  I said she went that way and pointed at the soda machines.  He’s like, maybe she’s going to refill her drink and I pointed to her cup on the table.  She came back with straws (note: my mom loves drinking out of straws so it’s a joke.)

Once we got to Mom and Dad’s house, I let hubby and dad saddle the horses and I took photos of Tulsa to send to mom.  She sent me back a text asking how I got Tulsa to sit still.  I was like, I told her to sit.

Aloha was being ornery so I hopped on her to make sure she didn’t try anything with Tbug.  That’s what I claimed anyway, I just wanted to ride her :). haha.  Tbug’s legs are shorter than mine so I’d look like a monkey in her saddle if I tried putting my feet in her stirrups.

As you may or may not know (depending on how new you are around these parts) we lost one of our ride able horses last fall so dad pulled Superstud (Munchkin) up out of the pasture.  Munchkin is accident prone, someday I’ll explain, but they said he wouldn’t be ridden again, but dad and Munch have proved the vets wrong.  Dad’s ridden him a few times in the last 10ish years.  Dad rode Munchkin, I rode KG, Tbug was on Aloha and hubby rode Mini Me.

We took Tbug to meet her {step}dad at noon then met up with my dad and ate lunch.  From lunch we went to my Mother in Law’s house to check on her hayfield.  Cowgirl wandered out into the field with us.  btw, Hay’s lookin good!!

Then we came back to our house to help dad load up the last of our hay for the horses.  On our way to the house I got a sweet message from Tbug’s Mom.

After we were finished there we started pulling the water off the top of the pool tarp.  By this time last year the pool was already open, but that’s ok, we aren’t having to pull those oak frilly things out of the water!!

 From there I came in the house and finished up Sunday’s blog post.  Yup, I was late on writing it that day 🙂

Then hubby and I put on The Holiday.  Yup, a Christmas movie in May.  No problem by me!!

I finished painting my finger nails and then…

took a nap and smeared my hair in my thumb nail.  This might be one of the reasons I don’t paint my finger nails.  btw, if anyone cares I painted them Mint Apple by Sinful Colors.

We had Grilled Chicken and cheesy California blend veggies for dinner.

And the night ended with a rub.  Yup, he’s rubbing my nose, but I started it 🙂

And there is my Mother’s Day.  A mighty fine Mother’s Day I might add.  The only thing to make it better was had I seen my Mom and my Grandma.

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0 thoughts on “A Day in the life – Mother's Day

  1. Wow – looks like you had an amazing Mother's Day 🙂 Tbug is just too sweet – and the note from her other mom was super thoughtful too. I cried through the whole post. LOL

  2. I loved reading about your day and looking at the pics. The weather is still pretty grim in the UK, as well. Gotta love The Holiday, haven't you. It's definitely one of my favourites. Have a great day.

  3. So sweet! I love that you and Tbug have such a great relationship and that her other mom is so supportive. Tbug is so lucky to have so many to love her! Happy Mother's Day!

  4. “She never goes near a snake” That part made me laugh a little. It sounds like have a pretty great relationship with your step-daughter AND her mother (love the sweet text!) I hope someday I can be that close with my step-daughter (and maybe get along with her crazy Mom :p)

  5. Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with Tbug, and so nice that you were able to share Mother's Day with her!!

  6. What a wonderful Mother's Day. Those cards from T-Bug were just the sweetest. I love riding horses. Your lucky to be able to do it as often as you like.

  7. Sounds like you had the most amazing Mother's Day! Tbug is so sweet, and I love how well you guys get along and how obvious it is that you guys love the heck out of each other 😀 Not to mention, I am SO envious about the nice trail ride. I really, really, really miss having a horse. Love all of the fun pictures 😀
    Happy late Mother's Day ♥

  8. Sounds like it was a great day– you always do a great job of posting great pictures. I love the animals you get to spend time with and wish I had a pasture full of them myself. That was sweet of Tbugs mom to send you that– it would be hard to share my kids but it makes a difference to the kids if the parents can be tame and at least try to be nice. YAY!

  9. What a great day! That card is so sweet, you are a good mama.
    Love the horse riding pictures- I almost forgot how green the midwest is!

    I am wishing we had a pool about now, it was 104 last week! Though thankfully has cooled back to a more normal low 80's now.

  10. Awe that was so sweet of Tbug and the text from her ma was touching too. Must make you feel so good – proud.

    We've got to get our pool going one of these days too. Still too cold to get in but can't let it get gunky 🙂

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