Black Friday

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Guys, I’ve never been a “Black Friday Shopper.” Not in the sense of Black Friday shopping anyway. I’ve never stood in line hours or even the night before to get into a store. I’ve never been in a fighting match over the last hot item, etc. Truthfully, the reason is… I’m lazy. I like my sleep. The older I get, the easier it is to get up early, but I just flat out love my sleep.

Now don’t get me wrong, I usually do venture out on Black Friday, but my morning doesn’t start until closer to at least 7 am. And that time is pushing it. That might be my roll out of bedtime…

But these days I listen to the ads on tv and they talk about getting Black Friday prices NOW. Now happens to be 2 weeks or more before Thanksgiving. So It makes me wonder, are they going to do something special for Black Friday? Or are the days of true Black Friday shopping over?

I know people who are in the stores on Thursday night when they open. Roaming, looking for just that perfect deal… In fact, someday I may be one of them if need be to get my kid just what she wants. Truthfully I hope I’m not that person. Again… I like my sleep.

I remember one year, the guy I was dating at the time, I had just the perfect present picked out for him. It was through It was a Black Friday special on a camo crockpot (yes, I bought a guy a crockpot. Best. Girlfriend. Ever.). The deal started online, this was before online was a huge thing, Thursday evening. I remember running into my aunt’s computer, listening to her modem dial-up (yup, I’m old), navigating my way to the website and hoping I didn’t miss out on the good buy. By the way, I nabbed that deal. I think his mom loved the present more than he did… Long story.

Black Friday

Once upon a time, I thought I remembered that one of the presidents kind of declared “Black Friday” a thing to help the economy bring its retail industry out of the red and back into the black. In my research this morning, it is early…., I haven’t been able to find that fact. But upon doing my research, I have actually found out some interesting things. Apparently, a lot of retailers try to make you think that this is a huge thing but it typically only ranks on the scale around 5-10 on the busiest shopping days of the year… with the weekend before Christmas being closer to one.

I also found out, although it is kind of an obvious, with the invention of internet shopping, this day is slowly losing its ranking, kind of fast. But that brings me to I think an earlier point, at least it was a point in my head… if you can get black Friday deals today, what’s the point of waiting until Black Friday, getting up early, hassling with the traffic, etc? Just a thought.


So I remember one Black Friday, I was probably junior high age. I WANTED a gosh, I can’t even remember exactly what it was called, but like a football jacket thing. Proball jacket or something. Heck, I can’t even remember now, that was like 20 years ago…. At that time, my grandma, mom, aunt, and I would always go out Black Friday shopping. We still never left the house much before 7 am, but maybe that was a more common practice that day in age.

My aunt lived in Tulsa so we had ample shopping opportunities. Then after we hit everywhere there, we jumped on the turnpike and buzzed to Stroud where there was an outlet mall (that got blown off the map by a huge tornado. sad day! that was a cool outlet mall but those things are becoming void these days too, I’m digressing….). But that one Christmas, I just had to have, get this… a Miami Dolphins Football Jacket. Why the Dolphins I’ll never know but at that day in age, I needed one. (truth be told, I was more of a Chiefs fan even then but didn’t watch much football….)

My mom scoured the paper to find the best deal. She told AC where we were going to get it too. Then as we headed off into the wild blue yonder, we wound up at a place, where AC parked in front of a furniture store. I asked what we were getting there and mom said, don’t worry about it. I’m looking for something particular and I’ll be right back, so AC, Grandma, and I stayed in the car.

Christmas came that year and I got my jacket. But after all the presents were opened, I looked at my mom and said, “So what did you get at the furniture store?” My mom, grandma, and aunt died laughing at me. Turns out, right next to the furniture store was a sports store and mom was going to get my jacket. Awww..

But wait, there’s more

And you really want a cute picture? That year for Christmas I also got a jammy shirt and a pair of chaps (to show horses in people….) and a blanket. If I remember right that was the first year “Santa” didn’t visit me (sad day). I woke up that morning and the house was cold. I had slept in that Jammy shirt. So I came downstairs, put my chaps on my legs, put my jacket on, threw the blanket around me, and sat in front of the fireplace wishing Santa had visited. That’s how my parents found me that morning. I was up at 5 am. Hey, Christmas day is a different story on when it is acceptable to wake up.

Thank GOD I was born before the era of parents taking pictures of everything. Sorry, my kiddos….

Here we are, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has safe travels to your Thanksgiving destination. Also, I hope you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! And enjoy Black Friday deals now or on that day. Either way, it’s up to you! Peace out.

2 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. I never do Black Friday. People are rude enough without going on a sale day. I pretty much don’t like any shopping from now until New Year’s.

    I might look online, but usually we just buy it when we need it.
    You all be safe and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. I am not a Black Friday shopper either. The thought of all of the people scrambling for one item freaks me out and I am pretty sure I would get lost in the crowd. Also, I heard that some places will begin marking their items up weeks in advance and then drop the price back down to normal to make it look like a “sale”. Who knows if that is true! I just would rather sleep in.

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