Welcome to Sunday Night Dinner

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Welcome to our Sunday Night Dinner.  This weeks theme was Breakfast so that made for a bit of a crowded kitchen, because really, if you think about it not much can be done ahead of time for breakfast foods.

While everyone was hustling and bustling around, I tried to stay out of the road.

Pokey & TB were finishing up a movie while the girls played in Moo’s room, without her of course and making it the messier the better, right?  Why not leave it for Moo to clean up… lol, j/k… I think.

Hubby was making our contribution which were Gluten Free Pancakes.  And might I say, they were tasty.  We made the batter from scratch.  Moo and A can’t have gluten so we usually try to at least somewhat accommodate although that doesn’t always happen.  Moo liked them, in fact she ate 3, which is a bunch for her.

Side note, Tbug calls them Pantcakes.  I’m not sure why…

Anyway, truthfully you can’t have breakfast without Bacon & Eggs!

Now the star of the show.  The whole reason why we had Breakfast as a theme, was because of Earl’s Chocolate Gravy.  No not chocolate sauce, not pudding, not anything else chocolate you can think of, we’re talking chocolate gravy that goes on biscuits.  Something she and her family grew up with but a lot of people aren’t sure what she’s talking about.  I’d heard of it before, back in college, but never tried it until Sunday night.  It was definitely different than I expected but really good.  There was also sausage gravy as well as grape and homemade strawberry jelly in case you didn’t want gravy.

And since we’re all trying to be healthy and are in a contest to be the “biggest loser” Divergirl brought some oranges.  They were good too!  Very sweet and juicy, just the way you’d like in an orange.  And I didn’t have to peel them, makes them even better!

Mr. T made an awesome egg breakfast casserole.

The two things that showed up but I didn’t ever see anyone touch were the Cinnamon swirl bread

and the desserts, because of course you have to have desserts even if its breakfast food.

So finally when all the food was done, Earl called everyone to eat.  Now, you can call these girls lots of things, but late for dinner… er breakfast isn’t one of them!

And to end the night we had a nice “friendly” game of Taboo.  Sad to say the guys won 94 to 77.  We will get our revenge though!

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  1. Chocolate gravy? Yep never have heard of it. I love love breakfast food so would be in heaven at this meal!

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