Sunday Night Dinner, Finding Arrows, And Fixing Hair

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Saturday night I slept on the couch.  Poor hubby was snoring up a storm and I couldn’t sleep in bed so I slept on the couch.  About 7am Sunday morning I came back to bed to take my chances and fell into a deep sleep.  Around 8:30 Earl sent me a text message but I could have sworn that someone rang the doorbell.  A few minutes later I was back in dream land and thought there was a woman walking down the hallway asking if someone was here.  Turns out it was the phone telling me I had a text and Tbug getting up to head to the bathroom.

Finally I drug myself out of my sleepy stupor and checked the text messages.  Earl asked if I had a Panini Press, because she thought wraps would be good for Sunday Night Dinner.  I told her I did, so it was set, the theme was Wraps or a side to go with the wraps.

For the Wraps we had the option of Chicken or Steak (and I must say the steak was fabulous!!), Salad, Spinach, dressings, mayo, mustard, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet pickles on either a plain flour wrap, a spinach wrap or a tomato basil wrap.

When I walked in the door Earl was working on making Kale Chips.  Yum!  None of us girls could stay out of them.

I accidentally forgot the panini press and our scales so I had to run home.  When I was leaving I saw Tbug leading Moo around on TB’s horse.  When I got back, Tbug was on the horse.

I walked back in the house and walking around taking my usual pictures and wound up with these too.  Diver Girl may disown me after this…

Hubby and I made corn.  Pokey disowned us because he can’t have corn and he likes corn.  Darn, need to make a mental note!

TB went out and checked on the critters and Tbug and Moo went to help him.  They came back in these eggs for hubby and I to take home and put in our incubator.

Then Diver Girl brought out the dessert.  OMG yum!

Although Doti and I actually wound up wearing some….

Once we got cleaned up, then Doti went to shooting bows with the boys.  Mr. T and Pokey were giving her pointers.  She lost an arrow across the road in the neighbors field.  Hubby then found my arrow from last week.  Woohoooo!

And just for fun, the piggies wanted a to appear on the blog

Just before we went to leave Tbug and Moo decided to do Doti’s hair for her.  Doesn’t she look so cute!

See, you just never know what we’ll be up to…. can you wait to see next week?  I’m not sure I can :).

p.s. For some reason yesterday’s post didn’t hit readers, so not many saw it, so if you want to get caught up, our baby boy has a name finally!  Check it out!!

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  1. Your Sunday dinners look like so much fun! My friend Brenda introduced me to kale chips a few weeks ago, I loved them too – different, but addictive!! 🙂

  2. Kale chips never heard of them……
    I like food…………which is why I am a short fat waman…..although not that fond of green food……lol

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