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Have I ever told you about Mudflap and knowing his days?

I really think this dog counts the days between Saturday’s so that he knows when the next Saturday hits.  Usually he goes for a ride with dad to the feed store every Saturday morning.  It is their ritual.  Now he gets extra rides in there too, but come Saturday morning, when dad walks out the door, Mudflap will go sit by the garage door until dad opens it and drops the tailgate.

Now if there is a Saturday when dad doesn’t open the tailgate for whatever reason, no joke, Mudflap pouts.  He will pout and throw a little “temper tantrum” until he gets his ride.

That’s just how it is.  The life of a dog.  Man’s Best Friend.  I wonder if Mudflap knows that he has 2 more days to wait until his next feed store trip?  Nope, I know the answer, the answer is yes, he knows.

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  1. Our dog is that smart too. He knows when we are leaving for work and he has to go in his kennel and he knows when we are leaving for whatever reason and wants to go for a ride.

    They can tell time too, of sorts. He knows what time my husband gets home and watches for him at the right “time”(within a few minutes). He goes crazy if he is later than usual.

  2. Dogs and kids always amaze me. The day I drove past our house to go to the mailbox and Hayes started pointing out the window and yelling Daddee. (Chris wasn't home) It was crazy that he recognized our house!

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