Rib Crib – Stillwater, OK

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If you remember back last fall, my parents made a middle of the night trip to Stillwater with Squirty and then 2 days later dad, hubby and I made a mad dash back to Stillwater with Mini Me trying to save him.  We were able to save Mini Me, especially since the few days prior with Squirty, we knew the warning signs.

There’s still no sign as to what caused that to happen, however there were apparently other cases of the same thing happening to other horses near the Stillwater area.  (not sure the distance)

Anyway one of the vets at OSU called my dad and asked how Mini Me was doing and if dad would be willing to bring him back down for a follow up visit.  Dad said he would so last Wednesday dad and hubby took off work and headed for Stillwater.

They were running ahead of schedule when they got to Stillwater so they decided to grab a bite to eat before they had Mini Me’s appointment with the Vet School.  They chose to eat at Rib Crib.

Knowing that I love my restaurant reviews (which I haven’t really done much of lately) they were soo kind to take photos for me.  Although I got some smart alic photos as well… but I won’t share and bore you with those :).  Ok maybe just one 🙂

The Rib Crib sauces.  There is Hot Sauce, Mild sauce and a Carolina Mustard Sauce.  Ahhh I just love Rib Crib and haven’t actually eaten at one in a while.  Looking at these pictures I sooo want to go ASAP! 🙂

Dad went with the Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich

Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich – Tender smoked pulled pork topped with fresh coleslaw and bold Carolina mustard sauce.  Served with lettuce and tomato on a toasted bun.  Served with seasoned Fries

Dad said his was okay.  I’m not sure if that means get it or not.  Dad sometimes is a man of few words… lol :).  Maybe you should try this for yourself to be the judge!!

Hubby went with the PigMan (Named after our Champion BBQ Team!)

PigMan – Slow-smoked brisket, pulled pork, and sausage covered in a secret sauce topped with pickles and onions.  It’s a half-pound sandwich!  Served with Seasoned Fries

Hubby said his was excellent and comes highly recommended by him.

Once lunch was finished they headed back for the truck to drive on to make Mini Me’s appointment with the docs.

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