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So Mini Me isn’t so crazy about trailers, but do you blame him?  Last fall, a 3 1/2 hour trip while he was sick was his first time he’d ever been in a trailer.  His 3 1/2 hour trip home was the 2nd.  So heading to Stillwater this time, was only time number 3 of being in a trailer.  He’s not crazy about them…

Because once they got him to OSU, they tried to put him in stocks, which he refused.  Dad wound up having to back him in.  Then he refused to leave, they had to back him back out.  Hey, he knows how to back.

Once he’s in the stocks, they poke and prod and do weird things to him.  Do you blame him for not wanting to go in the stocks??

But out of all the horses that OSU saw around the same time, with the same or similar symptoms, he’s one of the horses that is doing the best.  They wanted him to come back for a follow up visit, and to take some video’s of him to study.  Here they are taking his temperature which was 100.4 degrees.  Normal is 101.5 or lower.  Doing good so far!!

Here she’s listening to his breathing, swollowing, that sort of thing that goes on in his neckal area :).  Like that term?  Neckal…  it’s real technical.

I think he was less than enthused while they were listening to different aspects of his body.  At one point they put a bag over his nose.  Reason for this is you can’t tell a horse to take a deep breath like you do a human, so they put a bag over their nose which causes them to speed up their breathing and when you remove the bag, it causes them to take a deep deep breath.  See what you can learn!!

Here’s where they were doing the video of him walking and trotting down the hallway.  The real kicker is once they were finished the gal who was leading him here walked him straight in to the stocks.  Dad was like, go figure.

Once they were finished with his check up visit, dad and hubby went to load him back in the trailer, which he was having no part of.  Hubby was like, leave him here for a week and he’d be more than happy to get in.  Anyway eventually one of the vets came out and decided to give him a bit of a sedative to calm him down.  Once they did that, I guess another vet came out and wanted to watch him move and they were like, nope, because you won’t get a good view now.  So hubby and the vet linked arms and picked his butt up off the ground which caused him to put his front feet up into the trailer and they got him loaded.  Silly goose!

His check up went good and they said out of all the horses who have survived, he’s doing better than most.  Finger’s crossed we continue that way!  We’re working now on breeding mares back for 2014 babies.

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