I do!

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Three Years ago today I married one of my best friends.

Please play Hank Williams Jr, Blues Man

This photo was symbolic for us for the simple fact that we went to school together.  We met before we got to the high school, but our friendship strengthened once we were sophomores.  At the time our High School was 10-12, now it’s 9-12.  And sadly our high school building has become the junior high, but either way, this building is where we built upon our friendship all those years ago.  And no, sadly we aren’t “high school sweethearts” but that’s okay.  Everyone needs to build their story somehow and this is ours!

Happy Anniversary my sweet husband.  I love you with all my heart!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Awesome photos of your beautiful day. I love the one of you with the school and love the story of your reconnecting and falling in love later. It is a great love story! 🙂

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