Decorating/Dying Eggs

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**Be Warned – Picture HEAVY!!!**

In fact, so picture heavy I’m breaking it up into multiple posts.  Sorry!

This year we had Tbug for Easter.  The last time we had her was 2010 and we were on the road to Kentucky and back.  That year Easter Sunday was spent in the car for 8 hours.  Yey! But this year was different!  We were home!

So we decided to decorate eggs.  Sounds like fun, right!  We made 2 types, blown eggs & confetti eggs.

I poked the holes and scrambled the yolk, and then she put her hot air to work 🙂

We accidentally bought a carton of eggs and left them out.  eww!  So we’re feeding these eggs to Pokey’s piggies.  And score, we only broke 2 eggs!

16 eggs that we turned into ornaments for grandma & memaw.

The syringe was great for cleaning the inside out!

They were excited about decorating, can ya tell?

And I tried dying my own fingers….

And just to prove I was there…. a very random photo of me.  I was waiting for the tea kettle to tell me the water was boiling.

Mixing the coloring.

Dying eggs.

Blow dryer! 🙂

Then we made confetti eggs.

Another Random photo of me…

Dying the confetti eggs.

Mixing the Confetti

Filling the eggs with confetti.

Covering the hole on the egg.

2 eggs done 15 to go.  Yes that’s right 17, not 18, I busted one 🙁

And while they decorated the ornament eggs, I glued ribbon on them so they could be hung.

Part 1, done 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Decorating/Dying Eggs

  1. Looks like a fun Easter project…much more enjoyable than spending 8 hours in the car! haha! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics 🙂

  2. I love picture heavy posts!
    You all are so creative. I'm ashamed to say we used a dying kit from Walmart. In my defense we were coloring eggs with a 1 year old, not fun. We got a few eggs colored but he broke most of them LOL.

    Can't wait to see part 2

  3. The fun thing about picture heavy posts, is it tells the story. I love the pics of TBug blowing out the egg stuff. Kind of looks like she is blowing her nose out! hahahaha.

  4. I love picture heavy posts! Bring on the pics! You got way fancy with your decorating! I've never even seen that method before. I just bought the $1.97 Paas kit from HELLMART and dyed some eggs. We've been enjoying eating them now! HA!

    I loved looking at all your pics! Thanks for linking up with us again! xoxo

  5. I remember doing those projects when I was little and agin when my girls were little. I have to admit I'm not all that sad that we don't do that anymore!

    Thanks for linking up and I say bring on the pictures!

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