Sunday Social

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Sunday Social

1. What is the name of your blog and how did you come up with it?? Well my blog is called Life’s a Beach.  Truthfully I wanted a “cool” name, my husband always answered the phone “Life’s a Beach, Wish I was on one.”  and it kind of stuck.  I also look at it as the beach is fun, life should be fun so yeah, it works for me :).

2. What do you love the most about blogging?? I have made so many fabulous friends through blogging.  I’m not sure there are many times when I don’t start a sentence to my husband about this blogger did/said this. ha!

3. What are your 2 favorite posts you’ve written?

Oh goodness…..  I would say these two right now.  One is 50 reasons why I love my husband and the other shows what a fabulous {step}daughter I truly have been blessed with.
50 Reasons Why I Love you
PMM to Break Your Heart but Make You Smile too

4. What is something you’d want to tell someone just starting out in blog world? Don’t do this just to build a following or make money.  One out of like a million it seems like truly succeed at being millionaires on their blog.  Just keep going, be true to yourself, don’t give up and make some friends along the way.  Plus write about what you want to write about, not what you think others want to hear from you.  Find your writing voice.  Remember, you’re unique, don’t be like someone else because they’ve already been taken :).

5. Biggest blogging learning experience you’ve had? Watermark your photos, don’t find them on some bizarre website and wonder how they got there and who is trying to portray you!

6. Give us 3 blogs we NEED to be following that you love. 

Oh goodness, I hate playing favorites.  So I’ll give you the top 3 who send blog readers my way 🙂
and because The Wife has been busy and hasn’t blogged much lately, here’s a 4th

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  1. Haha, I am constantly saying something about someones blog. Usually saying something about a baby that is Hayes's age. I'm sure it is super annoying. Good thing the only two people I really talk to about it is my mom and husband, and they know better than to complain! 😉

  2. It is always super fun learning more about blogs 😀 I love your answers and the posts you chose as your favorite!
    I'm off to check out those wonderful ladies blogs 😀

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