Time In My Life

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If you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done – Dr. Shaun Marler

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September 8, 2012
Friday Nights:
We haven’t had a typical Friday night in a long while… so it’s really hard to say.
At least once a month we pick Tbug up from Cheer because hubby’s mom gets her our other weekend so they get some time together.
Hair Style:
My roots have grown out.
Little past shoulder length, long bangs cut to the left
Favorite place to dine out:
Zio’s {Chicken Parmesan} in Springfield.  
Favorite Outfit:
I’m not sure I have one of these anymore.
I don’t like the way I look in clothes lately.
Love Life:
We just celebrated our 2nd year anniversary on Tuesday of this week.
Our marriage is strong.
We still have our tiffs but they are few and far between.
Life is too short to argue all the time.
Remember, The first part is exciting, the second part is where the real depth comes in!

Home Life: 
Our life is taking a different turn than we thought it would two years ago when we got married.  
Sometimes I swear I have to hold on for all the changes.
Our dogs still LOVE to litter our yard with their latest finds so we aren’t ever quite sure what we’ll find.
We just lost Squirty and our baby colt this last week so our house has been a little upset. 

TV shows: 
 The Pioneer Woman’s cooking show on Food Network, 
White Collar
Franklin & Bash
Friends Reruns
Gilmore Girls Reruns
Big Bang Theory

Extra time: 
I’m pretty much spending teaching myself Photoshop & about photography.

What excites me: 
 *Playing with my camera 
*Playing with photoshop 
*Spending time with my husband
*Riding horses
*The rain showers we’ve gotten lately

A moment I never want to forget:  
*Just spending time with my family
I may be on my way to a Longhorn Cow Sale today, I’m not sure.  Plans aren’t for sure just yet.  Or maybe even a Wedding.  Or quite possibly a Horse sale.  Like I said, plans aren’t for sure yet.  So many places to be, so little of me and right now, I’m wide awake on a Saturday morning wishing I could go back to sleep.  Oh well, no reason to sleep my day away.  
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  1. I'm sorry about your horses. That makes me so sad 🙁 I think they are the MOST amazing creatures, and I can't stand when they are hurt or gone. I do love this little post, though. You guys definitely have a strong marriage!

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