Church, Coon Hunting & Glow in the Dark Bubbles Oh My

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Saturday morning hubby went turkey hunting with Pokey & TB.  When they finished up, they left it open ended that they might go back out in the afternoon, especially since youth season is only 2 days.  So late Saturday afternoon hubs asked Earl if Pokey and TB were going back out.  Instead though, she said that they were going to Church and wondered if we wanted to go with them.

Church… on Saturday….   Sure, why not?!?!  So we met up at A’s house and all headed to Church.  And might I add, quite an interesting topic the preacher preached on.

Afterwards, we made plans to meet back up at Earl & Pokey’s house because we were going to go Coon Hunting.  I may or may not have even used the comment, “I’m going to get my Redneck on.”

And Poor Cara Jo might have even questioned our sanity.

TB loaded up Smoke while Pokey, Earl and the other kiddo’s ate dinner and then we all headed out.

Once we got where we were going, btw don’t ask me :)… Pokey put the tracking collar on Smoke and turned him lose.  Then we stood around in the dark listening to the frogs croak.

Eventually we heard Smoke howling like he was on the trail of one.  Supposedly they told me that if he’s on the trail he barks and then silence, barks, silence, etc.  Once he has it treed it just carries on.  Now the tracking collar has a GPS Unit on it so it makes it easy to track him down.

Sure enough, he had one treed.  So then we decided to head back to the truck and scout out another place.  Coon’s aren’t in season right now, so this is practice to keep the dogs on top of their game.

Earl and Zebra girl doing their impressions of a Racoon.

When we got to the next stop, Pokey turned Smoke lose but he refused to go into the woods.  At the previous place we heard a “cat” cry (cat as in a bob cat or mountain lion or something huge) and they think that’s why Smoke refused to go in the woods.

Then hubby and Pokey got to noticing the different paw/hoof prints in the mud and figured there was a big “cat” somewhere.

The paw print we found was approx 4 inches in diameter which means it was a big kitty.

So everyone turned their lights on and started looking through the mud prints trying to see what different animals we could spot that had been through this particular field.

Not bad for a night.  We at least got one treed!

Then we went back to the house and hubby had broke out one of those glow in the dark sticks, you know the ones people wear as necklaces and bracelets, where you bend them and they glow.  But this was a huge one.  Earl mentioned that she saw on Pinterest where you could add those to bubbles and have glow in the dark bubbles, so of course we had to try it out!

Not sure if you can really tell or not, but there is a bubble and it was glowing blue.  Plus the wand was glowing and the bubbles were glowing inside the jar.

That is seriously looking into the jar.  And all these photos were taken with my iPhone.  Imagine if I’d have had my big girl camera!

Then they poured some of it on a piece of machinery Pokey & Earl had in their yard and lit it up.

Well of course after they did that and saw that it would work, the next logical thing to do would be to go lay in the road and trace a body print, right?  Right!

And while you’re at it, write your name too… sure why not.

And this was the outline on Sunday, still showed up on the road.  We’d sure like to know if people saw this and what they really thought!

Who says you have to spend a lot of money to have fun?!?!

0 thoughts on “Church, Coon Hunting & Glow in the Dark Bubbles Oh My

  1. Well… You did a lot of things this weekend that I've never done before. Namely… hunting. LOL! Too funny!!

  2. Ha ha! Sounds like you guys had a great time. I totally want to try out the glow in the dark bubbles now 😀 Sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Coon Hunting is a huge sport here where I live. I've never tried it but most everyone (especially guys) we know does it!

    Those bubbles are awesome. You just gave me a Tot School Idea!

  4. We have a beagle and I bet she'd be a great coin dog or a rabbit hunter. We just never trained her. Sounds like you had a great time!

    Thanks for linking up with Shawn. I haven't opened my laptop since Wed. Commenting from my iPhone is NOT ideal but its what I can do for now! The boxes are thinning out!! Woo hoo!

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