Cozumel México: A Day of Pee and Currents and Wreck Dives (Thursday Dives)

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Toward the end of the week it was just easier to tell them to be at the dock by 8:30, which meant that they’d be there by 7:45. I guess that just means that we were out early to get back early. On Thursday we made 2 morning dives and an afternoon dive. But this… this was a “fun” day of dives…. Let me explain……

Deb and I showed up in similar colors and I happened to be in her favorite color so that meant, Picture time!

On Thursday there were 2 ships in port and 2 who were being pulled in by the shore taxi boat.

Now, on more than one occasion a couple people dropped their sausage reel… Doug just happened to be caught on film. He wasn’t the only one who did it though.

So, now these next three pictures… Here are pictures of me peeing. Yes, you read that right. Remember… all my friends pee themselves. ha! Okay so if you dive in a wet suit, you’ll probably pee in your wet suit. Between the pressure and the fact that if you’re cold (not down here) you use it to warm up. Gross I know but it is what it is.

Okay anyway… the whole drift diving thing kept me from being able to pee. I had so much to concern myself with… So when you’re drift diving, if you get ahead of the group, go in behind some coral to slow down. Well I decided to pull it and pee. I was in front of the group anyway. So Deb swims up to see what I’m up to and takes my picture. The whole time I was peeing I was just hanging out there. So then everyone in our dive group swims up to see what exciting thing I’m looking at. And as you can see… it wasn’t much…. There’s also video and it’s funny to see everyone congregating around me to see what I was looking at.

So when we got back up on the boat Deb said I did good getting out the way and that’s when I fessed up I had to pee and that’s what I was up to.

Meanwhile, this same dive was a deep dive. I got down to 101 feet… Karen and Dan on the other hand… we were all starting out around 80 feet and then bam, Dan rubbed Karen’s head and from there Karen grabbed Dan’s hand as they headed down. Down all the way to 124 feet. Dan said Karen had her BC inflated as full as it would go and so did Dan. They were trying to get out of the current that was dragging them down, down, down. Grady warned about that current and said you have to get out of it. And between the two of them, they finally got out of the current and were able to go back up.

On one of the dives we came across baby sea horses. Apparently you see them in this spot every time. At first when I saw it, I thought I was looking at either A) A small snake (blech) or B) a stick hanging off to the side of another. Nope, it was in fact a baby sea horse.

After our morning dives they took us back to shore. Then the boat ran to their dive shop to refill tanks while we went up to the hotel to eat lunch. We asked them to be back to get us at 2, but they were there at 1:45. We were all back down at the dock around 1:15 because there wasn’t a lot of time to do much else.

Jared and Mark jumped off the dock to pee and as they were coming back out of the water, they woke me up from my nap to take pictures of the 2 crabs that were hanging out underneath the stairs to get out of the water.

Our afternoon dive was to head to the Wreck to check it out. Jared said he remembered when the wreck was put down back in 1999. It was the Felipe Xicoténcatl or C-53. It was sunk in 82 feet of water. He said he could remember that you could see the tile and there were still toilets. A lot of people liked to have their picture taken on the toilet while diving. I guess they weren’t still in there when we dove it. Grady said that when one of the hurricanes came through it actually broke the ship in 2.

So we were asked to take 2 magazines down with us, one for Dive Training and one for Show Me. Deb said it works great on the deck of the boat because we’re not stirring up sand from the bottom. We decided we should have been closer together and for some reason I thought I was lower down than what I was.

This ginormous crab was in one of the areas of the ship that we dove through.






This was made into an artificial reef and chained down.


Jebadiah Scuba Claus.

The hubs and me.

So while we were diving the wreck, I had to start coming up before everyone because of course I’m an air hog. So I was hanging out on the line back up doing my safety stop when I started seeing something angling off of the wreck. At first I couldn’t figure out what it was and thought maybe it was part of the wreck, then I realized it was moving. It was the submarine that Doug pointed out to me earlier in the day on the surface.

Deb wanted a picture of her and Grady with the sub and just as the picture went to take, the camera strap was thrown in front of the lens by the water. Otherwise this would have been a GREAT picture of it.

Although this one isn’t bad.

And there’s Deb chasing after it for a picture.

Dan said he’s been going here for 12 years and had yet to see the submarine anywhere but on the surface. I told him I was the good luck charm. It knew that I was on a celebration dive even though we still didn’t know if I was celebrating yet. They told me this is a submarine for civilians to pay to ride on and go through the water in.

Back on the surface, we loaded back on the boat and were headed back to shore. Then we saw the submarine being towed across the surface. They told me that the submarine gets towed when it is on the surface.

We were supposed to have cell reception down in Cozumel like we do at home because with Verizon we could pay $2/day for that in Mexico. My phone NEVER acted right but hubby’s did. So we were headed back to shore when I thought he was going to stomp a hole in the floor. I was like what’s wrong with you. I made him a deal that he could heckle me if I actually passed comps that round. He said I knew you would and started jumping up and down. I needed more of a context and he said, you passed comps. I was in such shock I almost started crying. I didn’t believe him. So then someone said I needed a drink. I told them I needed 4. I didn’t drink 4, but apparently 4 was the number of drinks I needed. This did, in fact turn into the celebration trip it was planned on being months earlier.

p.s. Happy Memorial Day

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