Cozumel México: La Mission and Cozumel

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Wednesday night a few of us decided not to do a night dive, so we decided to venture in to Cozumel, especially since hubby and I had never been before. It was hubby, Jared, Karen, Deb, and me. Hubby and I said we weren’t sure where to eat so we told Jared, pick somewhere. In the lobby of the hotel we decided to go to La Mission. We had the concierge get a cab for us and we headed off to town. It really wasn’t that far but our cab ride was $7. Not bad!

They started us off with Chips and Pico style salsa. It isn’t salsa like we’re used to in the states, it is more like pico that we’re used to. The chips were also thicker than we have back home. They weren’t bad but they weren’t my favorite. I prefer a thinner tortilla chip.

The next thing they brought out was a Chicken Lime Tortilla Soup. It was a brothy type soup with a good hint of lime. If you don’t like lime, you probably wouldn’t like it, but I did! Then there were slices of corn tortillas in it as well as chicken. I thought it was really good. I had to quit eating so I’d have room for more food, but it was oh so good.

Then they brought out this bread. It was garlicky. And definitely good!

Hubby and I saw they had queso on the menu. It wasn’t like the queso like around home though. So this is more of a warm block of cheese or something. It wasn’t runny like home (and of course that’s some of the fun of trying new food on vacation!), you had to use a knife to cut it apart. They served it with tortillas. I wasn’t sure how you were supposed to eat it. I wanted directions. I tried it on chips, I tried it on the tortillas, and I tried it on the bread. Oddly enough, the bread was the winner in my opinion.

Now here’s a fun story that happened before our meals showed up… Karen can’t stand the smell of seafood/fish of any sorts. So we had a long table with 2 chairs on each side and a chair on each end, so 6 chairs total. Our arrangement when we sat down to order was Deb on the end, Jared and Mark across from each other and then Karen and I were across from each other. There was a fan behind Deb blowing air our direction. So Jared, Deb, and hubby all ordered seafood of some sort. Jared suggested Karen moving to the end of the table chair next to me so she could get away from their seafood but I pointed out that the fan was blowing our way. So while one of the waiters was standing there, we all played musical chairs. Hubby and I switched places, Karen moved to Deb’s place, and Jared moved to where Karen was sitting. The waiter looked at us like we were crazy. We probably are, we probably are.

So when they brought our food, only one plate was set down in front of the wrong person. That’s not bad! Especially since we all did a flip flop.

Karen ordered Chicken enchiladas with cheese on top. She didn’t care for hers so she didn’t eat them. I noticed on the menu that if you don’t like your food, you don’t pay for it. When they realized she didn’t like it, they took it off their bill.

I went with the Mexican Sampler Platter. It had rice, beans, a chicken enchilada with what I think was mole sauce, a cheese quesadilla, fajita meat, a salad, and a chile relleño. I have to say the Chile Relleño was my favorite but the others were good. I wasn’t crazy about the chicken enchilada.

Jared and hubby got this. It was shrimp and lobster and some other type fish. They loved it. I didn’t get a picture of Debs… she was at the far end of the table. I think she got shrimp.

From there we took off walking around Cozumel. From what they all said, the cruise ships were low that day (normally one of the highest days) so all the vendors were trying to get us to come in and see them.

We walked by one bar and saw these signs and cracked up laughing. Make sure you read all three.

Then we went down by the square.

We came walking off one street on to this street that opened out into the ocean. This arch is awesome but to get the sailboat in it was really cool. I wish I could have either gotten in the middle of the street and those cars weren’t there or I could have been closer. But I can’t complain… I like this photo anyway.

And here’s a random piece of art I saw. It was so weird I had to take a picture of it. I wish I knew the significance.

Yesterday I showed you Doug/Rachele/Dan/Grady’s view of the sunset. I told you I’d share my view and here it is.

Then we went back onto the square for the Isla Cozumel sign.

From there we ventured back out to the street that runs along side the ocean and went in more shops to look around. I was on the hunt for a photo frame, an ornament, and a couple shirts. Karen needed a shirt for her mom. That’s when we came across this sign. Not only did we take our pictures with it but I helped a couple different couples get their pictures taken. It cracked me up when they were like, please don’t take my phone. I laughed and said I won’t.

Then there are two stores right there on our way back to the hotel that remind you of like a Walmart or Kmart or Target. We decided to go in this one and walk around. It has the grocery store plus other stuff. We wound up on the grocery side.

This cracked me up. Buy Cheetos and get a selfie stick. There was another one I didn’t take a picture of that was buy a liter and a half of coke and get a spaghetti serving spoon.

At the bottom of the store was an ice cream shop. So far up to this point I wasn’t crazy about the ice cream I had eaten down there so I didn’t eat any this night. Karen, Deb, and Hubby did though. I tried a bite of some of them. Still not my cup of tea. They all liked their ice cream though. There was a cookies and cream, strawberry, and tres leche I think.

Walking back to the hotel I stumbled across this sign. This is what they always say at school so I had to take a picture even though I’m no longer in school. (Wow that’s weird to say)

And how cool is this mural? I think I was annoying hubby a little because I kept stopping to take pictures on the way back and I was at the back of our group so no one knew when I stopped. Woops.

This is the municipal building. Cool, right?

And finally we came back to our hotel, grabbed a few drinks from the bar (cokes and waters mainly), and went to bed. Hubby and I FaceTimed our baby too! If it hadn’t been for the wifi and FaceTime I’m not sure I would have made it that many days with out baby girl!

Another thing to note. We have Verizon for our cell phone carrier. For $2/day we were supposed to have phones down in México like we do here in the states. Hubby’s phone worked perfect… Mine, not so much. I’m not sure what the difference was as we both have iPhones.

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