Da Bull

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Well… Saturday didn’t go the way we planned…. Here’s the story….

My dad was sent out of town for work and wasn’t sure when he was going to come home. No big deal. Friday morning I woke and went to my Mother-in-Law’s to water cows, what I do most days. When I got there, a few of the cows were at the stock tank, the mosied off and the bull came over. We’ve had this bull now for about a year. He was supposed to be a show bull but they decided not to show him and we bought him instead so he’s not really afraid of anything. I just knew he was up to no good for some reason but I couldn’t place a finger on it.

Later that morning I got a text message from my MIL saying the bull was out. Not a big deal except I was 20 some miles away so I jumped in the truck and headed that direction as fast as I could get there. I got there, we got him in, and I went back to what I was doing.

Enter Saturday.

Dad still wasn’t home so I was in charge of getting feed and watering cows. No big deal. We also made plans to meet up with a friend to get some round bales of hay around 4pm. Again, no big deal, except hubby then made plans to go trail riding. He left at almost noon. I guess just as he was pulling out the driveway with the trailer/horse, my MIL called him and said the bull was out. He headed that way and Deb, Grady, and Jared met him there. They got the bull put back in and headed off to ride.

My MIL went to town to get gas and decided she needed to run back by the house before going shoe shopping. She said something told her she needed to check on the bull. Good thing she did because he was out. She called hubby and they had just arrived where they were going to trail ride. They loaded horses back up and headed back to my MIL’s.

This whole time I was off down in somewhere Missouri going to a Lu La Rue Party. I had told my mom that hubby probably wouldn’t be back in time to meet up for the hay at 4 so I needed to be back by 3 so I could make sure I had time to hook up to the trailer and get to Becky’s to pick up hay.

On our way back from timbucktoo Missouri I realized hubby was at his Mother’s house. I called him and asked him what was going on. He said they were riding in the pasture and he explained what happened with the bull. Because he had that and the hay under control, we decided to run to the store.

We just got to the store, had half our groceries, and I got a phone call from hubby in a panic telling me he NEEDED me to bring him the range cubes (grain) in the bed of my truck. I was like, um… I’m at the store. He told me he didn’t care, get there, get there now. So I ran through the store, found mom and the girls, told her we needed to leave and we took off running out of the store.

We got about halfway to my house to get my truck and hubby calls, said they got the bull loaded, and I didn’t need to come after all. grrr…. I told my mom to go ahead and take me to my truck and I would just go on over to my MIL’s. I took the girls over with me. At least they got to ride, we got the bull home so my MIL didn’t have to worry about him, and he’s in our round pen.

Not quite the day we all had planned, but it works, right? Sometimes, especially on the farm, you just have to learn how to go with the flow.

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