Hello Yum!

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Some friends of ours that we dive with own this little fast food restaurant. It must be stated it’s the Original and they only own this one… it’s not the same as some of the other’s that are around the area.
And every once in a while we just have to have Gringos.

Their tacos are out of this world YUM! I prefer a crunchy taco. They fry their own taco shells. That right there makes it all worth it.

This particular day hubby got the Chicken Ranch Burrito. OMG! This is absolutely FANTASTIC. Originally Chris made them to try it out and he brought it to the dive shop for us to be his guinea pigs. Um… they’re fantastic… No kidding. We gave him our seal of approval and he’s decided to add them to the menu.

They claim that baby girl isn’t related to me because she likes beans. I don’t really care for beans… but she loves them… so far at least. So we got her some refried beans.

A new item on their menu is the Waffle Fry Nachos. Our friend Jared raved about them so we definitely had to give them a chance. I sure hope Chris keeps this item because hello yum. It was basically nachos on waffle fries. Abug gave her seal of approval on these as well. Hubby and I did too ;).

So yeah, YUM! That’s it… it was good and tasty. YUM!

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