Pokey’s a Year Older

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My mother-in-law surprised Pokey with a “girl in a bikini” birthday cake for his birthday.  He didn’t see it coming, but we all knew :).

And obviously she had implants because no one is that perky. haha!  j/k.  We conned him in to looking like he was “licking” the boob.  He was afraid someone was going to face plant him into the cake and we seriously debated it.  In the end though, we were all nice.

Then my MIL made him a set of “boobs” that weren’t covered up and we conned him into going mouth first into the cake.  Again he was afraid we’d face plant him but we were on our best behavior.

And finally, the rest of us got to eat cake.  The cake was a chocolate cake with butter cream frosting.  So there you have it 🙂  I think hubby is performing some weird surgery on her. ha!  j/k

Happy Birthday Pokey!

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