Footballs and Cheerleader Sugar Cookies

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Football and Cheerleader Sugar Cookies. Football and Cheerleader Sugar Cookies.

Don’t you think that football and cheerleaders go hand in hand? I mean seriously. It seems like you have both when you’re watching a game. Maybe not with the younger boys who are just starting… I’m not really sure. Someone please correct me and set me straight!

But either way, I made cookies in the shapes of footballs and cheerleader outfits. Bam… haha. My friend Jody’s son and daughter are in those respective sports. She was responsible for treats afterward and she hit me up.

I teased her that she almost caused me a divorce and my family shunning me. haha… it was a total joke. Her kids go to my home school rival. I had to make cookies for my home school rival. Oh, and she and I went to those rival schools. Who knew. lol. haha. And just so we set the record straight, her home school kicks my home schools butt every single time.

So, for those of you keeping score….

24 out of 300 dozen cookies complete!

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