A Weekend of Presents & Cooking!

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This weekend was a fairly busy weekend, being the last weekend before Christmas.  Wow, can you believe that Christmas is this coming weekend!?!?  Unreal!

So I can’t completely tell you what I was up to this weekend, anyway not Saturday.  It involves a Christmas present that I’m not ready to reveal yet… but here are a couple cute shots…

Audrey and I were hanging out on the trampoline.  There are steps that we’ve given the {step}daughter & friends to use to get up there, Audrey has learned how to jump up them, but Miss Marlie hasn’t yet.  She wasn’t quite sure how to get up there…

I about froze my butt off on Saturday.  By the end of the afternoon, I was chilled to the bone, but see, I was out there right along side hubs, dad & FIL (Father-in-law)

Then, hubs threw Marlie up on the trampoline with us.  Once Audrey and I jumped down for a few, Marlie wasn’t sure she wanted to be up there anymore, but was unsure how to get down.

Then Audrey got back up there with Marlie.  They got all excited when my FIL walked past them.

I know, so vague but I don’t want to share presents just yet 🙂

Sunday I went to my parents house to help my mom get ready for her work Christmas party that is tonight.

I should mention that Saturday, while sitting outside all afternoon, I really, really wanted cinnamon rolls.  So since I was at mom’s house already dirtying up her kitchen cooking food for her party tonight, I made cinnamon rolls! 🙂

So one of the things that I made for mom’s party is stuffed Mushrooms.  I thought with Christmas and New Year’s coming up and possibly all the parties you may attend, I’d share her recipe with you, since it is different than mine :).

Mom’s Stuffed Mushrooms
Mushroom caps & stems
Small can chopped Black Olives
Mozzarella Cheese

1.  Brown up the hamburger

2.  Then wash the mushrooms.  Separate the stems from the caps.  Keep the stems though.  

3.  Chop the mushroom stems up real fine.  Add to the hamburger mixture.

4.  Since mom bought the small can of already chopped black olives, just open the can and dump in.  If you don’t buy the chopped, well chop them up real fine 🙂

5.  Finally finish off with melting in Mozzarella Cheese.

6.  Now this was the point when my mom decided to tell me to spray the pan with cooking spray {I never do so this was new to me} so I had to hunt somewhere down to move the mushrooms to so I could spray my pan.

7.  Now start stuffing your mushroom caps

8.  Once you have all the mushroom caps stuffed, this is where you’d put them in preheated 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes or until the mushrooms are cooked.

And take the horses words for it… they’re kicking good… LOL

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3 thoughts on “A Weekend of Presents & Cooking!

  1. The pictures of those cinnamon buns look sooooo good! I'm just starting to “come around” on mushrooms (I hadn't eaten them in years until recently) – but I'm thinking that might be a recipe I'd like to try sometime! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love your lab. Looks just like our Barley. Those rolls are so tempting. Mushrooms? I can pass on those. It's a veggie after all–not tempting most of the time. You've been a busy lady.

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