Weekend via Instagram & Camera+

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Sometimes I love Love LOVE my iPhone.  I get some easy shots that I might not have gotten otherwise, for whatever reason.

Ok so the quality might not be even as good as some point and shoots, but heck, I still like it!

So today’s post is brought to you by my new favorite app Camera+ and by my old love Instagram.

A relaxing Friday night once we finally made it home.  We were watching Sweet Home Alabama on CMT (the Reality show)

Helping Tbug and myself not get pinched on Saturday, you know St. Patty’s Day

Saturday we headed to the yearly buffalo sale. (2010, 2011)

Uh oh… I’ve created a monster! haha

Our Yearly Buffalo Sale photo 🙂

Driving home after we left the sale, we stopped in Nevada and ate lunch at Iguana Azul.  OMG it was good Mexican food!  My great grandfather used to have a hardware store up on the square also, just a random side note.

I’m starting to learn to live with the fact, windows down & my hair just don’t play nice.

Later in the afternoon we headed over to Lucky J to watch the cutting going on.

She looks happy eh?

Later my mother in law called us and said she’d like to take us to dinner.  She chose Habatchi.

Then we went with her to Atwoods and helped her load up something she was buying… and I fell in love with these boots.  They are so out of the norm for me and my taste but aren’t they sexy?!?!  Ok so I’m a shoe person but I absolutely LOVE boots!  Just saying!

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  1. I have my eye on some sexy boots too! Hopefully I will get to buy them soon. I love that style boot and those colors would be cute with some torquise jewelry

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