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Me: What’s the state capital of Oklahoma?
Tbug: Iowa

Audrey was laying on the ground on her back with her tummy showing.
Tbug: Mom Audrey has Termites (aka fleas).

Me: Whatcha doin? (she was picking a brick up and smashing something…)
Tbug: Making Acorn stew.  I’m friends with the squirrels.

Tbug: Mommy’s Hot dog (Audrey), Daddy’s Mars Bars (Marlie) and Tbug’s little Jo Jo (Josie).

Tbug: Mom, you need to get new glasses and get rid of those slug bug detectors. 

10 thoughts on “Tbugisms

  1. Kids say the darndest things, right?! Tooo cute! I love the Acorn Stew “I'm friends with the squirrels”…haha!

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