My Camera Bag

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Since I got my first dSLR in 2009 I’ve wanted a certain kind of camera bag, but to be honest with you I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted. My original camera bag came from I can’t even tell you but it was black with pink lining. It was okay and I thought I wanted it… but… eventually I wanted something different.

A friend of mine sells Thirty One and I saw that they had a cute camera bag so I went that route.

So it was okay but again, not quite what I was looking for. I must be picky… So I really wanted a purse like camera bag but didn’t find one I liked so I bought a purse last summer and tried to make a camera holder. Hmmm… still not what I was looking for so I kept on the search.

So earlier this summer I saw the Kelly Moore A Beautiful Mess Bag and thought that’s what I wanted. I saved my money up and we purchased it. We as in hubby got it for me because I was debating… and debating… and debating…

Let me say, GORGEOUS bag but it wasn’t what I thought I wanted so I contacted them about exchanging it. And then I need to scream from the roof top because I got my Camera bag in the mail and ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. IT!

Let’s just say I’m happy! Holy cow and they are awesome to deal with, especially if you have to exchange! Wow. So anyway I got the 2 Sues in Orange Sherbet. What’s cool was yesterday morning I was carrying my bag and a gal was behind me with the Indigo and we both can tell you, we Love this bag! Yup, we had a small conversation about it. Don’t worry, I took the papers off the zippers since then and put my stuff in it!

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