Macaroni & Cheese Lasagna

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Interested yet? This is something PC and I make quite often when we are in a hurry to find something for dinner and nothing is there… it’s a real go-to meal! I didn’t however get a picture of the list of ingredients so here you go: pictureless…

Mac & cheese & all the stuff needed to make it. (from scratch or out of a box, your choice)
Spaghetti Sauce (out of a jar or homemade, again, your choice)
Garlic Toast (and hey if you don’t have any, improvise!)

This is actually leftover Spaghetti sauce from Father’s Day dinner. PC does an excellent job making this and I might just have to do a post on this sometime.

Start the water to boiling for your macaroni noodles. PC is in trouble, he peppered my water just to see if I would see the black specks and dump it out, or at least question… grrrr

In the meantime add some cheese to the spaghetti sauce.

Now if you are like us and realize that you don’t have garlic/cheese toast, hey improvise. Butter some bread, garlic salt or powder it and add cheese. Ok so PC is back on my good side, this was his idea 🙂

Looks good, doesn’t it… The only difference between this and the store-bought is the thickness of the bread 🙂

In the meantime, the noodles are done so dump the water out. I thought this picture was funny… PC made it blurry 🙂

I cheated, I used boxed mac & cheese. I haven’t mastered making the homemade version of mac & cheese…

In my case Stir in the powdered cheese mix, the butter and I had to use water, the milk went bad. Wow, I’m getting good at this! Now water can’t be improvised for just anything though… another story for another time!

Now dump the mac & cheese into the sauce and mix.

Ok so I’m a sucker for mac & cheese, it’s my fave!

So this is what it looks like.

Now add a little more cheese if it is a little runny. We chose American slices b/c well, that’s what we had…

Next, top it with more cheese. This time we used fiesta b/c again, that’s what was in the fridge… use whatever type tickles your fancy!

mmmm cheese. We wound up using 2 cups of shredded cheese. Use as much or as little as you desire.

Here is the toast after it came out of the oven. 425 degrees for about 7 minutes.

Normally we put this in for 15 minutes at 350 degrees, however since we put the toast in at 425 we put this in for 7 minutes at 425.

Mmmmm, eat & enjoy!

Peace Love & Mac & cheese!!!
Nicole 🙂

9 thoughts on “Macaroni & Cheese Lasagna

  1. That looks so yummy!!! I added myself as a follower. Your blog looks great! Nice to “meet” you! 🙂

    Have a great weekend! xo

  2. I've never heard of macaronic cheese lasagne before but why not?! That looks so yummy. I like everything with LOTS of cheese, love love love!

  3. it's one of our concoctions based off a recipe I found years ago. We've modified it since and this is what we came up with.

  4. I like lasagna, but I dont like mac and cheese, so I dont know if I'd like this, LOL. I might give it a try though and see what the husband and kids think of it though! (I'm an extremely picky eater, my hubby says its very difficult to feed,lol)

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