A Little Dab of This, A Little Dash of That

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So I got on to catch up on my blogs and what was one of the coolest things I saw? Take a look:

You see it right there?? Right there under Winners, Nicole J from MO… oh wait, hey that’s me! Woohooo I won! I never win 🙂 I signed up for a contest at The Coupon Goddess and I won! Woohooo, go me! You should check out her website, she’s got some great info and awesome giveaways!

In other news… One last weekend before we have our first house unveiling to PC’s family. We are having a big 4th of July get together at our house with his family and some friends. I’m getting nervous but our MIL room (mother-in-law or else spare room) is getting so close to being finished and my opinion, because that’s really all that matters, it looks gorgeous! It’ll look even better D-U-N (done)! I might be jealous of my spare room… the verdict is still out, we haven’t done much to our room yet. Waiting until after the 4th.

So over on To Much To Do; So Little Time (check her out, I love her posts!!), she has signed up for the FlyLady… Don’t know what that is, neither did I, in fact neither did she until she did her research! Woohooo and I benefited from her research! Haha I signed up for the emails and PC & I have a joint “wedding” email account… that’s the one I used, I think he’s annoyed with me b/c I haven’t had much of a chance to read the emails yet… Anyway one of the things TMTDSLT talked about in her post about this was the first task was to make your kitchen sink shine and boy did hers!!! Well newsflash, I did that last night. Made me feel so much better!

Over the weekend we had Father’s Day dinner at our house (our as in mine & PC). Our house finally FINALLY looked more like a house than a wreck! Little projects are starting to come together (FINALLY!!!!) and you could actually see the living room floor. We made Spaghetti (PC’s famous concoction!) and had garlic toast and a small garden salad. For desert, Peach Cobler & ice cream. All I can say is, THAT WEDDING DRESS BETTER FIT COME SEPTEMBER, or else PC is going to run my butt off the entire month before hand, and he was in the army, he knows how to drop the weight!

So we put up our mailbox finally last night. Yey, now we can get bills, oh wait, that’s not a good thing, that’s BAD!!! Very bad!!!! Bill’s Bill’s, stay away go to someone else’s house, so they can pay you!

I love the Gorillacam app for my iPhone. It lets me zoom when I’m sitting in the truck waiting on PC :)… Sorry PC I didn’t mean to get a butt shot, you just kept it pointed at me, I think….

All last night I kept teasing my mom b/c she hates her iPhone and kept telling her, There’s an App for that :).

So I haven’t taken pictures of the latest Kitchen changes but these were from a week ago. It’s really starting to come together. In fact, Almost done!!! Yes our kitchen is John Deere themed (green/yellow) but I have a nice variety of John Deere & just green & yellow stuff so if we ever get tired of the JD we can just go another direction and not be out to much! See I was thinking!

Over view shot of the paper & border with the trim and tile, just remember and keep in mind, it has changed again…

Here’s an upclose of the border.

Whew, who knew changing a house would be so much work. At least we are doing this before our wedding! Then after we’re married, we can just come home to a beautiful house! And anytime I say the word or spell the word Beautiful I hear PC quoting a movie line, “B-E-A-utiful!” (name that movie, give up…. Ace Ventura.)

So I’ve been telling a story. Probably getting on some nerves b/c I won’t just out with it… but I promise I’m getting there and it’ll so be worth it, and well if not, it’s at least worth it to me :). If you have missed any of it, get caught up b/c I’m working on the next part of it. I know you are quaking in your boots or stilettos just waiting :)… patience my friend!
One Year Ago….
One Year Ago…. Cont’d
One Year Ago… Part III

My mom’s been working on Tbug’s bedspread for her room! It’s going to be so stinking cute! Here’s a sneak peek… It’s hard to see the brown bows but there are 2 just to the left bottom side! I think she’ll be super duper excited! I am. I might even be jealous of her room come to think of it!

I’m not sure if it’ll be done for the fourth party but when T-bug gets back from camp it’ll be waiting for her. Last night my mom & I already re-arranged her room b/c I wasn’t happy with how it was. I think I like the set-up better, until I change my mind again! Which might happen since I’m a woman and it’s my prerogative!

Well, I’m not sure much else has been going on in my life. My biggest goal lately has been to NOT cuss anymore or at least less… but when dumb people show their heads I get annoyed. I guess I cussed yesterday [under my breath] loud enough the guy in the office across from my desk heard me… Woops… Bad Nicole. Must work on that! And I was doing so well too!!!

Otherwise it’s been a slow week and I haven’t taken many pictures even. All these I think were predominantly supplied by my iPhone…

I’ll leave you with our lovely weather Forecast for the next 6 days… hopefully I don’t melt away! Although I absolutely, positively DON’T complain about being hot because I HATE WITH A PASSION being cold! 🙂

Peace, Love, and iPhone supplied pictures 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Little Dab of This, A Little Dash of That

  1. Wow! You were just full of it (info). ;o) I realize that's hot for MO with your humidity and all. It's 112 here today. Over 110 for the next three or four days. But it's a dry heat! (Kind of like a blast furnace!) Your kitchen looks great. Congrats on winning something. That is so wonderful.

  2. yeah the humidity is the killer around here. But I refuse to complain… I hate being cold! My fiance's step dad was from AZ and I've heard stories…

  3. I have done the FlyLady and it was great…I just had a hard time keeping up with all the emails.

    The house is looking great, and I agree it is better that you are getting to do it now and not after the wedding.

  4. OMGosh! I was reading along and WHOA there's my blog! Thanks for the shout-out!! 🙂

    I can't keep up with the FlyLady emails because I'm still buried at work, but hope to when I go on vacation (soon… I hope… work is killing me)

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