When Road Trippin

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-I take self-portraits with the iPhone because I get bored. Hubby smiles too.
-I kick my shoes off and get comfortable. He wears tennis shoes and tends to keep his legs in one position and gets stiff legged.
-The hubs usually drives to the destination. We chat. I usually drive home or at least part of the way home and he either snores in the passenger seat or sings. 
-When we do chat, he chats about this that and everything. I yack about pictures and cameras and yada yada yada.
-Although sometimes we get to giggling about how one or the other of us try to pronounce words or things we say… (et cetera, toot, dot dot dot, You put your ketchup in  the fries)  
-He gets annoyed at me and calls me a “backseat driver.” I ask if he’d like me to move into the back seat.
-I am typically the one who is in eager need of the bathroom. I think he could go hours upon hours without stopping.
-When we get home, I’m usually ready to get all the stuff out of the car and immediately start washing clothes. Hubby wants to wait until later and is ready for bed. (I’m ready for bed too!)
And that my friends would be how we roll.
I wrote this tonight… now it is time to go to bed and you guys will read this in the morning.
It definitely is good to be home… Do I have stories to tell that include but may or may not be limited to getting thrown out of a motel in the middle of the night…

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