Fast & Furious Weekend

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Boy this weekend seemed like it came and went in the blink of an eye!

I think I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt my feelings that A&P was canceled Thursday night.  You know the real kicker of it all?  I go straight to the school from work so I always get there about an hour and 10 minutes before class starts.  I beat the teacher and most all students there usually unless I go goof off somewhere… So I got there and sat in my car for 20 minutes reading so I didn’t have to sit in the hallway reading… So I walk into the building 20 minutes after I got there and there was this sign to greet me.  Nice!

Friday night hubby and I watched Grey’s Anatomy!  Oh. My. Gosh.  When it was almost over he asked me if it was the season finale, yeah it was that intense!

Then Saturday morning we got up to head over to Tbug’s Cheer exhibition when we found out my nephew got his first deer.  He was super excited.  It’s an 8 point buck.  First one he’s ever gotten!

Then we ran to the exhibition to watch Tbug perform.

Then went out to lunch with my parents and my mother in law (and of course Tbug) and then the girls went shopping and the boys went home to work on the trailer breaks for my dad’s horse trailer.

I got to see my cousin who moved to Maine in 2004 and meet both her little kids for the first time Saturday afternoon then we ran to our house to get changed and ready for a benefit I got tickets for.

On our way out the door, the pups wanted to play and Marli cracked me up by carrying this dish around.

The benefit was called Tiara’s, Tuxes & Tillis.  The benefit was for Ascent however we won the tickets through a fundraiser for United Way…

We got our picture taken with Miss Missouri 2011 also.  Oh goodness is she beautiful.  Hubby laughed at me b/c at first I was like, I don’t want my picture taken with her, she’s too tall and gorgeous.  I don’t want to be the chump in the picture!  We wound up getting to sit with another couple from work who won tickets the same way.  The funniest part about that is I was emailing this gal (she works in security) all week last week, so I finally got to put a name with a face.

Here is the center piece that was at all the tables.  Ok so this was taken with my iPhone and doesn’t do it justice at all.  They were GORGEOUS!

When we got there we got appetizers of this awesome smoked chicken dip, cheese, chips, crackers, chocolate covered strawberries & Sparkling Grape juice.  Then dinner was as you see below.  Let me tell you how good it was!

As we were driving home I got on facebook just to see if there was anything I missed (lol) and saw this lol cat.  I cracked up laughing so I thought I’d share with you :).  You’re welcome!

Then as you know (I’ve said before) we have a berm house, so we have a lot of concrete walls to deal with.  In our kitchen we had a concrete wall that the previous owner painted purple.  Now purple is my favorite color, but that wall really didn’t do a whole lot for me and I decided I wanted a brick looking wall.  So for my Christmas present from my parents they made my look come true!  Thank you mom & dad!!!  We only have one sheet up so far, it had to dry first so my house is now back to a mess (had to move the kitchen table) but it looks so awesome so far!  Tbug, hubby and I put the first panel up.

Then hubby went back out hunting last night and I took Tbug back to her mom.  As I was driving to Sunday night dinner I got a text pic from hubby, he got his deer.  So I ran to our house to get some things he needed, ran by Perky & Early’s to tell them we won’t be there after all and headed to my Mother-in-law’s to see hubby’s deer.

After we left my MIL’s house, we went to P&E’s house to chat for a bit, then went home, took showers & ate dinner.  Then went to bed.

It sure feels like all we did was run this weekend!  But what’s different than any other weekend really?  How was your weekend?

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  1. What a fun and busy weekend! Mine was very low key.

    Grey's…so glad it wasn't the season finale. So mad it will probably Dec. before we see happens next!!! Not nice.

  2. Wasn't Grey's CRAZY?!? I was so not expecting that! Not the season finale, but I have heard they're gone on a hiatus and it's the last episode until the new year…that SUCKS!!

    My parents have that faux-brick paneling in their basement on one wall! Cool!

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