Camping Take 2

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So a couple weekends ago we headed to the lake again.  Another camping experience under my belt.  This time we borrowed my grandma’s Winnebago.  It was a bit of an experience getting down there.  We got about 40 minutes from home and the RV started surging.  We were a bit freaked out.  We pulled over 20 miles later (first safe place to get over) and were in a Wal-mart parking lot.  Hubby and JT ran in to find parts.  Luckily JT and AL were following us!

We finally made it to the lake and got our RV set up, then we got JT & AL’s camper set up.  It was a warm day so we all changed clothes and headed down to the swim area to play around a cool off.

We finally decided since it was 7pm we should head back to camp and eat dinner.  We broke up different meals everyone was responsible for.  The big joke was don’t make the gluten free person responsible for buns… lol :).

Earl and Pokey were responsible for dinner Friday night.  We had Grilled Chicken, Potatoes, Onions and Mushrooms plus all the fixins on the side.

Diver Girl made this awesome salad.  From here you add Lime Jello and Whipped topping.  Oh and Marshmallows, yuck :).  I grabbed mine before the marshmallows were added :).

Eating by candlelight!!

AL brought stuff for our Knockoff Wendy’s Frosty.  By 10 pm we were all exhausted.  Busy long week.

Waiting on the ‘scream!

After we went to turn in for the night I decided I had to pee.  Our bathroom wasn’t working in the RV so I had quite the adventure getting to the bathroom.  I tripped over, fell over and walked around a lot of brush.  I got bright lighted by a sheriff and many other things.  It was quite the adventure and story but I won’t bore you, this time.

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