{Knockoff} Wendy's Chocolate Frosty

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Does anyone know what this month is?  How about yesterday?  Well Ronald Regan back in 1984 declared July as National Ice Cream Month with the 3rd Sunday being National Ice Cream Day.  And yesterday just so happened to be National Ice Cream Day.  I’d like to share that we partook in that special event!  And now I really want to share this recipe with you because YUM!  AL shared this recipe with us earlier this month and holy cow is it yummy!

So what you need is a half gallon of Chocolate Milk.  We realized the larger tubs of cool whip worked better, but this works great also with the 2.  and a can of sweetened Condensed Milk.  Plus an Ice Cream Maker and all things needed for that.

In a mixing bowl add the Cool Whip

And the Sweetened Condensed Milk.

Stir together

And scrap into the Ice Cream Maker.

Next, top off with the Chocolate Milk.

Fire up the Ice Cream maker and let it run until it turns off.

And viola, you have a Knockoff Wendy’s Frost.

Happy National Ice Cream Month!!

btw, Happy Birthday Earl!!

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