Cozumel México: Coconuts Bar & Grill and El Coctelito

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While we were out driving around on Friday, we stopped at a restaurant called Coconuts Bar & Grill. This place had one heck of a sense of humor and one heck of a view!

There were shirts and license plates from all over the US and the world.

And now, the view….

They even had hammock’s to lounge in.

We didn’t wind up eating at this restaurant. A few of us got a drink but that was it. Hubby and I split a Coke.

We wound up driving back into the city to eat at El Coctelito.

For the most part while we were there I drank water. That’s one thing you have to drink a lot of while you’re SCUBA diving. You wouldn’t think becoming dehydrated would be a problem but it is. But this night I actually had a Coke with dinner. And a water. I drank both.

I noticed that they didn’t have the salsa we’re used to in the US, it was more Pico style. These chips weren’t my favorite. They were still thick.

When we got there they had a live band and dancing. It was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think. Although I did want to go up and dance with them… I didn’t…. Although I should have.

Once our food came the band took a break so we could at least talk a little. Grady ordered these nachos with shrimp. I tried a bite. I’m not crazy about beans so it was tough for me, but they weren’t bad. I found a chip without beans to try.

Most of us ordered a combination of fajitas. Chicken, Beef or both. I had both. Now their fajitas are served different than ours at home too, no cheese. Karen had cheese added to hers, but it wasn’t shredded cheese, hers was melted on top. I wound up eating mine without tortillas.

I thought it was interesting that they had the emergency phone numbers posted right where I could see them.

Doug wanted me to take his picture drinking his coke. I did get one, but these next two pics were better funnier.

So Karen and Deb made me go to the bathroom to check it out. I was leery so I made Karen go with me. So what did I see, a miniature toilet. It looked like a little kids potty. Then hubby had to go and for some reason used my head as a hat rack.

Just as we were leaving the band started back up. The music was good but extremely loud.

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