10 Things to Smile About – The May Edition

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1.  The Chocolate Covered Strawberries that Earl and AL made for Sunday Night Dinner.

2.  AL putting an arrow right through the barbed wire fence… literally.  I’m not sure you could do that again if you tried.

3.  Snow in May… sure why not?!?!

4.  Sharing Cinco de Mayo with our Sunday Night Dinner Crowd.

5.  Sharing moments of my day with my husband.  Just a wonderful way to unwind.

6.  That the Poison Ivy is GONE!  Maybe I should knock on some wood now

7.  Getting to spend some time on Mother’s Day with Tbug.

8.  Spending the day at Silver Dollar City with all our friends who are our family.

9.  Sharing with you my Vlog on how to do the Hair Twist.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k8dpleHJdU]

10.  Spending Memorial Day weekend with my Family and Friends honoring those who have served our country and helped fight for our freedoms.

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9 thoughts on “10 Things to Smile About – The May Edition

  1. I'm drooling over those strawberries… And I'm astounded at the arrow through the barbed wire fence! Wonder how many times he'll try to repeat that one-in-a-million shot? 😉

    Crazy you got snow in May! We're going through a speed heat-up and will have late August weather for the next few days – I think I'd opt for a random crazy snow storm instead. 😉

    Yay for the poison ivy being gone! I LOVE your Mother's Day paper TBug made – so adorable!!

    The Month of May Brought Lots of Smiles – with More to Come in a 10 Things to Smile about RTT Rebel kinda way

  2. Those strawberries look amazing! Can you believe I have never had chocolate covered strawberries before? I am going to have to make some.
    That's awesome about the arrow! Wow!
    Eek about the snow in May!
    Glad the poison ivy is gone – I've been lucky to have not gotten into it yet.
    Looks like May has been a wonderful month for smiles!

  3. Great list!! Thanks so much for linking up.
    So glad your poison ivy is gone, that would have been awful.
    So crazy how much snow you got in May especially since you barely got any all winter.

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